In the Midst of Hurricane Ian Cleanup, Florida’s Gas Tax Holiday Starts – Floridians Save $0.25 per Gallon in October

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A little good news in hard times
Gov. DeSantis consoles hurricane victimTwitter of GovRonDeSantis

In the midst of the cleanup operation following the death and destruction caused by Hurricane Ian, it almost seemed to have slipped the mind of Florida's Governor Ron DeSantis that he'd promised to drop sales tax on gasoline for the month of October.

With the start of a new month, Floridians can now save 25 cents per gallon at the pumps - a little ray of good news in otherwise dark and expensive times. The governor took to Twitter on October 3 to remind Floridian motorists of this fact.

The temporary suspension of tax on gas should help those who've been struggling to make financial ends meet in the current era of soaring rates of inflation and the heightened costs of goods and services. The sales tax holiday was one of a number announced by Governor DeSantis earlier this year and while not all tax holidays will help everyone (such as the temporary tax holiday on kids clothes), most will benefit from cheaper gas.

The cost of gas is dropping

The war in Ukraine was the main reason behind the soaring cost of gas across the United States, but in recent weeks the cost of a gallon of regular unleaded has been steadily dropping. The average price across Florida as at October 4 was $3.18 per gallon, compared to an average price of $3.04 a year ago.

Nonetheless, a saving at the pumps will be welcome, particularly for those who have lost property and even their homes in the storm damage from the recent Hurricane.

That said, in neighboring Georgia, Republican Governor Brian Kemp has continued to extend the sales tax holiday there since March. Most recently he extended the tax holiday through November 11, remarking that since it was put in place the initiative has saved around $800 million for Georgia taxpayers.

A well-timed move by DeSantis?

The general sense is that through his handling of the recent Hurricane, Governor DeSantis has handled the crisis well, putting the needs of Floridians ahead of partisan politics. On a couple of occasions he's chastised reporters for trying to make political points over his handling of certain aspects of the hurricane.

With the associated gains in popularity, the drop in the price of gas due to his sales tax holiday may win further favor with voters as the November election approaches. Time will tell if it helps his popularity in the public vote.

Do you think that Governor DeSantis has handled Hurricane Ian and its aftermath, well? Will his popularity be helped by the cut in sales tax on gas? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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