Over 41,000 New Yorkers Have Moved to Florida in 2022 After Their Governor Urged Republicans in the State To Leave

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The migration from Democratic states continues

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A report was published on September 20, showing that 41,885 New Yorkers have left their homes to move to Florida. The report follows analysis of data from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, showing the number of New York driver's licenses that have been exchanged for Florida driver's licenses.

Most notably, in August there were 5,838 Florida licenses issued to New York drivers, representing the highest single month total on record. The large number seems to coincide with the Democratic Governor of New York, Kathy Hochul having grown exasperated with Republican voices in her state.

On August 28 of this year a tweet went viral, featuring a video of Governor Hochul telling New York Republicans to move to Florida "where you belong".

In search of Freedom?

Two separate studies were published early in 2021, both identifying Florida as the 5th most popular destination state for Americans relocating in 2021. The studies, carried out by United Van Lines and North American Moving Services studied the net migration into and out of various states using data on one-way van rentals.

In both cases, they revealed that Florida had the fifth highest rate of Americans moving into the state in 2021.

Analysis suggests that in the aftermath of the pandemic, with remote-working becoming the norm for many, there is no longer a need for workers to live in crowded, expensive urban areas - many more now enjoy the freedom to choose where they will live while still keeping their same job.

Aside from Florida's generally welcoming climate and favorable tax regime that make it appealing to many, it would seem that Republican-leaning voters from New York are flocking to Florida in search of more ideological-freedom too.

The recent comments from Governor Hochul are just the icing on the cake for those former-citizens of New York who no longer wish to live in a state where freedoms are so tightly constrained.

Americans are moving to Florida, not leaving it

Florida has become one of the most popular destination states for Americans looking to pack up and relocate from states like New York, New Jersey and California in the wake of the global pandemic.

220,890 Americans moved to Florida in 2021, many leaving Democrat-led states such as California and New York. While they've generally been made welcome, there was a spate of incidents earlier this year where flyers were distributed widely in West Palm Beach suggesting that 'Woke' New Yorkers should stay out of Florida.

The general sentiment of Floridians - echoing that of Governor Ron DeSantis - seems to be that Americans from all over the nation are welcome, as long as they adopt Florida's way of living and thinking. It is this spirit that caused Governor DeSantis to object to the idea of technology companies moving to Florida from California, and which has further fueled his ongoing feud with Governor Gavin Newsom of California too.

While Governor Hochul might regret encouraging New Yorkers to move to Florida, it seems like they'll be welcomed in the Sunshine State as long as they make efforts to adopt the ethos of Florida too!

Do you think Florida is becoming a haven for Republicans around the United States? Is the constant migration of Americans into Florida sustainable, given the rising pressure on state infrastructure and the ever-increasing cost of living? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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