Democrat Pete Buttigieg Slams Ron DeSantis Immigrant Flights – “The Problem Is More Useful to You Than the Solution”

Toby Hazlewood

Does Governor DeSantis really want to resolve the border crisis?

On September 22, Democrat and U.S. Secretary for Transport - Pete Buttigieg - spoke at the Texas Tribune Festival, and among the many topics he addressed were the recent initiatives by Florida's Governor Ron DeSantis to fly 50 illegal immigrants from Venezuela, to Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts.

The substance of his comments appears to be that in his view, DeSantis and other Republican governors (including Governor Abbott of Texas) aren't interested in genuinely solving the border crisis.

Instead, Buttigieg suggested during his talk that the existence of the problem is of more interest and use to DeSantis as a means of striking political blows and winning favor within his Republican base of voters.

Tackling 'Biden's Border Crisis'

According to DeSantis the flights were intended as a means of calling attention to what he has termed 'Biden's Border Crisis', by redistributing immigrants to so-called sanctuary states.

Many have been critical of the way that DeSantis has turned these desperate people into pawns in his political game. Others have questioned the use of Florida's tax dollars to move immigrants from Texas to Massachusetts.

While Buttigieg seemed to agree with many of these points, he went further and suggested that the way that DeSantis has used the southern border crisis to justify such stunts seems plainly to be a means of winning favor with voters - not just in Florida, but across the United States.

Building DeSantis' profile across the United States

While legal challenges have been raised on behalf of the immigrants who DeSantis used Florida taxpayer dollars to fly from Texas to Martha's Vineyard, it seems unlikely whether these will hinder DeSantis as he campaigns for re-election.

News has emerged recently, suggesting that DeSantis has topped a poll of favored Republican presidential candidates. He has also recently amassed the most money in gubernatorial election history - from donors across the U.S. which shows that his popularity amongst Republicans across America.

With that in mind, suggestions like those made by Buttigieg start to seem plausible.

Perhaps it suits DeSantis for the problem to remain. As Buttigieg put it during his talk in Texas on September 22:

"Governor DeSantis was in congress. Where was he when they were debating immigration reforms?"

The question seems to remain - does Ron DeSantis have an answer to the southern border crisis or is he content to draw attention to it as a means of growing his profile? It may not be a problem that he needs to solve as Governor of Florida. If he ever makes it to the White House as President however, he may need to work out a solution after all. Time will tell.

Do you think that Pete Buttigieg is onto something with his suggestion that DeSantis and others are content for the problem to remain if it suits their agenda? Do you believe that the border crisis can be resolved? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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