Ron DeSantis Extends Lead As the Likely Republican Presidential Candidate for 2024, According to Recent Poll of Voters

Toby Hazlewood

Meanwhile, his lead in midterm elections is fading

The results of a poll carried out by USA Today and Suffolk University published on September 21 suggest that in a hypothetical Presidential Primary election, Ron DeSantis would claim 48% of the vote with former president Donald Trump receiving just 40%.

It's the latest of a succession of polls that have shown DeSantis growing in popularity and increasing his margin over the one-term president. Multiple polls carried out at Republican conferences in recent months - both in Florida and out of state - have shown DeSantis gaining in popularity and increasing his margin over Trump.

In January the same poll by USA Today and Suffolk University suggested Trump was in the lead 47% to 40% meaning DeSantis has completely turned things around.

Out-Trumping Trump?

That DeSantis appears to be turning former Trump voters and converting them to be loyal to him seems to suggest that he is finding common ground with this group. It could well be that with many of his recent actions and decisions, DeSantis is finding ways to beat Trump at his own game.

There have been suggestions that the recent decision by Governor DeSantis to relocate 50 illegal immigrants from Florida to Martha's Vineyard, using chartered planes was an idea that Trump wanted to take credit for. Indeed Trump reportedly raged that DeSantis had stolen his idea.

While DeSantis has occasionally acknowledged former President Trump in public - including when FBI agents raided Trump's Mar-A-Lago home in search of classified documents - more often he seems to carry on with his business and ignores what Trump is up to. This too is reported to be enraging for Trump.

DeSantis - losing ground as governor?

The polls make interesting reading for the DeSantis team, particularly as his lead over Democratic gubernatorial challenger - Charlie Crist - is diminishing. A recent poll by AARP showed that Crist is now within 3% of DeSantis.

With the mid-term elections fast approaching, there seems to be at least one scenario that could emerge - where DeSantis loses a close-run battle and then has free-rein to focus his attentions upon a run for the White House. Could such an outcome be possible?

At least half of Ron DeSantis' time these days seems to be focused on building his profile across the U.S., endorsing GOP candidates in other states and in fighting public battles with Democrats in other states (such as Gavin Newsom of California), rather than governing the Sunshine State.

With that in mind, and given his growing popularity as a Republican presidential candidate, the possibility of a run for the White House seems ever more likely.

Do you think that Ron DeSantis is starting to focus on a possible run for the White House more than a second term as governor? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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