DeSantis Communications Team Responds to Democrat Critics of Immigrant Flights – They Voted in Favor of the Policy

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Florida Democrats approved the relocation policy
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On September 14 - Governor DeSantis' birthday - it emerged that 50 illegal immigrants had been flown on chartered planes from Florida to Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts. The flights were executed under a policy that Florida's governor had announced earlier this year and enacted under the bill SB1808.

The flights were organized and carried out within the bounds of Florida law, and have been a long-time coming as part of Governor DeSantis' response to what he has termed 'Biden's Border Crisis' which has seen vast numbers of illegal immigrants crossing into America and often ending up in Florida, together with illegal fentanyl and methamphetamine also trafficked across the border.

In spite of this, there has been enormous backlash in the aftermath, mainly from Democrats in Florida and across the United States. In the aftermath it has been down to members of Governor DeSantis' team - mainly Christina Pushaw - to come up with the responses to defend the governor's actions.

Backlash from Democrats

A few particular images and social media posts have subsequently gone viral, mainly in highlighting what seems to be hypocrisy on the part of various Democrats.

One featured a resident of Martha's Vineyard complaining that there are precious few homes for its existing residents, without the pressure of having to home 50 more people - something that will no-doubt echo the feelings of Floridians?

Christina Pushaw who is Governor DeSantis' Rapid Response Director and heavily involved in his communications and publicity shared a tweet that seems to destroy the credibility of Florida Democrats who have denounced the relocation of immigrants. The tweet shared voting records of Floridian Democrats who almost unanimously voted in favor of the budget for funding the immigrant relocation flights.

As such, it would seem like Florida Democrats have little room to criticize governor DeSantis for his decision to follow-through on his plan.

Texas sent a bus full of migrants to VP Kamala Harris' House

The planes with 50 immigrants from Florida appear to signify part of a coordinated effort by Republican governors around the country who are trying to bring the severity of the border crisis to the attention of the Biden administration.

On September 15 it was reported that Texas Governor Greg Abbott had sent a bus full of immigrants who had crossed the southern border, to be transported to Vice President Kamala Harris' home in Washington, DC.

While the treatment of immigrants as a commodity, used to prove a point is far from fair or humane, it does prove a point in bringing the crisis to the attention of Democratic politicians who live far from the border.

The Biden administration described the transport of immigrants in this way as 'reckless' and 'shameful'.

Hopefully the individuals in question will at least be given help and somewhere to live safely in the so-called 'sanctuary states'.

The continued treatment of immigrants in such ways cannot continue of course - it's using the ultimate victims in the situation to make a political point. But it does seem to be an effective tactic for Republican governors who are trying to bring the issue to the fore in political discourse.

Do you think that this is a fair way for Governor DeSantis and other Republican governors to bring the immigration problem to the attention of the Biden Administration? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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