Governor Ron DeSantis Approves Flights That Moved 50 Illegal Immigrants From Florida to Martha’s Vineyard

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Following through on his threatened response to 'Biden's Border Crisis'
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On September 14, Florida's Governor Ron DeSantis celebrated his birthday by approving two charter planes that transported 50 illegal immigrants from Florida, to Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts.

The relocation of immigrants from Florida to a so-called sanctuary city within a Democrat-controlled state is the latest move by a Republican governor to push back against what DeSantis has termed 'Biden's Border Crisis'.

Combatting illegal immigration, people and drug trafficking

The effect of immigrants, the inhumane treatment of humans by people-traffickers and the flow of illegal Fentanyl and other drugs into Florida has been a hot-topic for DeSantis this year.

Northwest Florida alone, saw a 354% increase in fentanyl deaths from 2020 to 2021, and such alarming statistics help to explain why the drug is so concerning.

In June of 2022, the Republican governor announced he would be signing SB1808 into Florida law from July 1. The bill was approved by state legislators and provides for the penalizing of those caught trafficking immigrants into the state.

Biden was warned

DeSantis also warned as far back as December 2021 that illegal immigrants ending up in Florida would be relocated to Democratic 'sanctuary states' in order to place ownership of the problem with President Biden and the federal government.

Martha's Vineyard - playground of many of America's most powerful and wealthy - was called-out as one possible destination. And now, DeSantis has followed through on his promise.

The human consequences

It's clear that the governor sees the influx of immigrants into the U.S. as an issue not just for states bordering Mexico, but also for Florida. It's a humanitarian issue too of course, and few Americans would likely want to switch places with those seeking a better life in another country where they faced being transported around from state-to-state like cattle.

However, there are consequences for Floridians too, both in terms of the effects of the additional people on infrastructure, availability of housing and so-on, The drugs that are also flowing into America are of clear consequence to Florida too in terms of the harm and death they cause.

As such, while the forced relocation of 50 souls to another state may seem harsh, it may trigger a renewed focus from the Biden administration upon addressing the issue. Time will tell.

Do you agree with the forced relocation of immigrants out of Florida to Democrat-led states? Do you think Governor DeSantis is right to react to the immigration crisis in this way? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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