Governor Ron DeSantis Presents Florida’s First Responders With $1,000 Bonus Checks In Thanks for Their Service

Toby Hazlewood

Recognition for the state's first responders
Gov. Ron DeSantis on September 12Twitter of GovRonDeSantis

On September 12, Florida's Governor Ron DeSantis appeared at a press conference in Jacksonville where he personally delivered the first round of $1,000 bonus checks for firefighters at the Jacksonville Fire And Rescue Department.

The bonus checks were announced earlier this year, and the money to fund them set-aside within Florida's so-called 'Freedom First' budget that was signed by the governor in July 2022. The budget apportioned $109.9 billion of state funds across government services in the financial year 2022-23.

"A token of our appreciation"

Commenting on the bonus payments, Governor DeSantis had this to say:

"These checks are a token of our appreciation for all they do to keep our communities safe and secure."

He continued, pointing out that the state has repeatedly offered financial bonuses to firefighters, police officers and other first responders in the state:

"This makes two years in a row that we have delivered for our fire rescue and law enforcement communities."

First responders - "The Tip of the Spear"

At the announcement of these bonuses back in March 2022, Florida's Chief Financial Officer at the time, Jimmy Patronis emphasized the importance of the financial rewards in his view:

“Florida’s first responders are the tip of the spear when protecting our communities... What our law enforcement and firefighters do is not just a job – it’s a calling – and thank God they answer that call."

Few would dispute that recipients of the bonus are deserving of the recognition, but many others are also struggling with the rising cost of living and may be wondering what help they can access?

As inflation continues to run hot, Americans across the nation are struggling to make financial ends meet. While Governor DeSantis and other state Republicans like Senator Rick Scott place the blame firmly with President Biden and his administration, it would seem like most Floridians could use $1,000 to help them to make ends meet. Unfortunately, for now at least it seems like such financial help isn't likely.

Do you agree with Governor DeSantis that Florida's First Responders are deserving of annual bonuses of $1,000? Are you a first responder who will be receiving one? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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