Gov. DeSantis Wishes the U.S. Military Was More Like 'Top Gun: Maverick' Instead of “Focusing on Woke Garbage”

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DeSantis wishes life was more like the movies?
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On August 13, Florida's Governor Ron DeSantis appeared on 'The Glenn Beck Program', taking part in a radio interview entitled 'Ron DeSantis vs Everyone'. During the interview he responded to various criticisms and defended his position on key items of policy, as well as matters of national political significance.

One of the topics addressed by DeSantis during the conversation was his perception of the current state of the U.S. Armed Forces - something that he wishes were more like the movies, it would seem.

More Like Top Gun Maverick

Governor DeSantis was formerly a Lieutenant Commander in the U.S. Navy who served in Iraq. During the interview he lamented that in his opinion, the U.S. forces today are more concerned with matters of political correctness and with not causing offence rather than with acting in the national interest.

As he put it:

"I take my son to watch 'Top Gun: Maverick,' right? And you’re proud of seeing the pilots and all that. Then in real life, what’s the Navy doing? They’re focusing on pronouns and all these other things, this woke garbage, while China’s laughing at us."

The governor clearly yearns for a world that's more like the movies. Even before he'd seen the film, he made reference to it as a model that appeals to his idea's of anti-woke politics, stating:

"I think it’s just, you know, it’s like any movie that’s not, like, overwhelmingly woke can actually appeal to normal people."

DeSantis has previously referred to Florida as the state 'where woke goes to die', and earlier this year implemented the 'Stop WOKE' act into law, preventing the discussion of topics such as critical race theory in Florida's classrooms and workplaces.

The governor styling himself as a Maverick-like figure?

It would seem that the governor doesn't just admire the latest Top Gun movie for what he sees as its anti-woke content. He has also launched a range of merchandise - posters, t-shirts and beverage coolers - which are available on his political action committee's website.

The products feature his own image in a stylized tribute to the movie.
Top Gov T-ShirtGov DeSantis' Website

Whether Tom Cruise and the makers of 'Top Gun: Maverick' will welcome the governor's admiration or not is uncertain. But there will be many of his supporters who agree with his comments and others who find his comments triggering and insensitive. Such is the way of partisan politics today.

Do you think the governor is right to yearn for a time when there was less focus on woke political issues? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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