Florida Republican Matt Gaetz Is Sponsoring a Bill To Prevent the IRS From Getting Ammunition for Their Guns

Toby Hazlewood

An odd tactic for a gun rights advocate?

It has emerged that Florida's Republican Representative Matt Gaetz is sponsoring a bill that seeks to prevent government agents from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) from being able to get ammunition for their guns. The bill in question is HR 268 - the 'Disarm the IRS Act'. Some might describe it as frivolous but it is apparently intended as a means of preventing government overreach into the lives of private citizens.

The bill has had a number of co-sponsors since Gaetz introduced it in July, notably his longstanding partner in other questionable political ventures, Marjorie Taylor-Greene.

Most recently, House Republican Thomas Massie of Kentucky got on board too, joining as a co-sponsor on August 8.

His Tweet announcing support for the bill outlines the reasons behind its introduction - to stop federal agencies that might otherwise gain power over private citizens who the Biden Administration are simultaneously trying to prevent from freely owning guns.

Expanding the IRS under the Biden administration

This bill coincides with the announcement that the IRS will spend an additional $79.6 billion on additional agents to crack down on the tax evasion with an extra 87,000 agents on its payroll.

Gaetz presumably thinks these agents have an agenda that would be inhibited if they can't access ammunition for their guns? Perhaps a better way of limiting this particularly agency's effectiveness would have been to introduce a bill preventing them from being able to access batteries for their calculators.

Value-adding politics?

The bill seems to be another example of Matt Gaetz being associated with supporting bills that have questionable value while standing in the way of other initiatives that seem to have a lot to offer the average American.

In July, Gaetz was one of only 20 Republicans who voted against a bill to tackle human trafficking and to assist victims of the crime. The bill passed 401-20 and amongst those who also objected to it alongside Gaetz were Marjorie Taylor-Greene and Thomas Massie.

Cynical commentators, trying to understand his motivation for voting against the bill were quick to point out other facts about Gaetz and his record when it comes to human trafficking:

  1. That in 2017 he was the only representative to vote against a human trafficking bill
  2. That he is currently under investigation by the Department of Justice for alleged human trafficking of a 17-year-old girl across state borders

Could these have been factors in determining his vote against the bill?

'Diabetics should lose weight and exercise more'

In another example, Gaetz was one of those who voted against capping the price of insulin for diabetics. His rationale was that diabetics should simply lose weight and exercise more, prompting outrage amongst many of the estimated 34.2 million Americans who suffer with diabetes.

The news that Gaetz is turning his energies towards a bill intended to stop a government agency from being able to obtain ammunition for their guns seems to be sadly in line with his usual form and character. Time will tell whether the bill is approved in its current form.

What do you think about politicians like Matt Gaetz who use their office to sponsor bills that seem frivolous and without merit or value for the average American? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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