The Case for Gun Ownership? Homeowner Repels Armed Intruders From His Home After Firing His Rifle – 2 Arrested So Far

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The outcome could have been so different
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The debate around gun ownership is an emotive topic, and one that's often debated following events in the world.

Advocates for constitutional rights applaud statements like those made by Florida's Governor Ron DeSantis when he promised to pass constitutional carry of handguns within the state before the end of his term as governor. They believe that citizens should have the right to defend themselves and their property.

This argument was proven this week, after footage emerged on July 14. A Florida homeowner used his AK-47 rifle to fire shots at armed intruders who had forced their way into his property. None were hit by the shots, and two of the four intruders have since been arrested. The home invasion may not have ended in the same way, had only the bad guys been armed. The entire episode was caught on the home-owner's doorbell camera.

Since the Florida homeowner repelled the intruders from his property, two of the four involved have been arrested and are in police custody. A third has been identified from the footage and only the driver of their car remains unidentified at this point.

What is constitutional carry?

Constitutional carry is the term that many apply to permit-less gun ownership and the right to concealed carry for those who can legally own a gun - usually law-abiding citizens who are of-age and who don't have a criminal record - without the need for background checks, permits or training.

Constitutional carry is legal in many states, and was recently approved in the state of Indiana, in spite of initially being rejected in committee discussions. It is now possible to carry a gun openly in the state. Ohio and Alabama also adopted constitutional carry during this legislative season, as did Georgia.

A bill to introduce constitutional carry - HB103 - was rejected by Florida's legislators earlier this year. Since then, Governor DeSantis has requested that legislators reconvene to pass constitutional carry into law.

Of course, constitutional carry laws didn't need to be in place for this gun owner, who presumably possesses his firearms legally - to have used them to deter intruders from his property.

Florida Sheriff encourages citizens to shoot at intruders

This case exemplifies that with gun ownership being legalized and even simplified, law-abiding citizens can defend themselves and their property more easily and this may act as a deterrent to criminals.

Sheriff Bob Johnson of Santa Rosa County is one of Florida's police officers who seems to favor gun ownership. He told a press conference earlier this year that he encourages citizens to shoot at intruders in their home to protect their property and to 'save taxpayers money'. This was after another property owner repelled an intruder - a serial criminal - from their home by shooting at them.

It remains to be seen whether Governor DeSantis will make good on his promise to legalize constitutional carry before he leaves office. If he did, it could be that even more of Florida's citizens take measures to protect themselves and their property from criminals.

Would you shoot at an intruder in your home if you had to, or do you believe that Florida's law enforcement officers should be solely responsible for this? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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