Florida Senator Rick Scott Challenges President Biden – “Wake Up or Resign” Over Record Inflation in the United States

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Many Floridians are "delaying retirement or going back to work" he says

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Following the announcement of inflation having hit a 40-year record rate of increase on July 13 - at a rate of 9.1% - Florida's Republican Senator Rick Scott has challenged President Biden that he needs to "wake up or resign" when it comes to tackling the economic situation in the United States.

Senator Scott has been a scathing critic of President Biden on many issues - unsurprising given partisan differences - but the rampant rate of inflation and the impacts that it is having in the lives of Floridians has clearly touched a nerve.

When the May inflationary figures were published, showing an already bad and worsening situation, Senator Scott took President Biden to task again He referred to him as "Blame-Game Biden" for the president's reluctance to take ownership of the situation and to focus on finding solutions rather than denying blame for the runaway cost of living.

Increasing the cost of living by $9,000 per year

Commenting on the situation, Senator Scott had this to say:

"Let’s think about how this is hurting families in my state. At current inflation levels, Florida households are paying more than $9,000 extra per year for everyday goods like groceries and gas since Biden took office.”

The pain is also being felt by retirees and those near to retirement, of which there are many living in Florida. Scott was clear to point out that they too are struggling, often more-so as their incomes are fixed:

"Many of them are delaying their retirement or coming back to work because they can’t afford it right now. They can’t afford the gas, the food, the rent that’s gone up.”

DeSantis is also scathing about "Bidenflation"

Following the announcement of the inflation rate on July 13, Governor DeSantis was quick to take to Twitter, stating where he feels the blame for the situation lays:

"Floridians can't afford Florida anymore"

Life is getting more expensive for everyone right now, and clearly as Rick Scott has pointed out it affects seniors as well as working families. Gubernatorial challenger Nikki Fried appeared on Fox News to venture the opinion that "Floridians can't afford Florida anymore".

While Fried chooses to hold Governor DeSantis responsible for the situation, just as Scott blames Biden, there's a clear sense that with the price of common goods and services including food, gasoline and shelter costs having increased by 1.3% in the last month alone, all Americans are having to tighten their belts to make financial ends meet.

At least the price of gasoline in the state seems to have been dropping in recent days.

What can be done to improve the situation?

As inflation continues to rise, and Governor DeSantis, Senator Scott and other Republicans blame the Biden administration, many Floridians will be looking to their governor for help.

Governor DeSantis has approved pay rises for various professions including teachers and first responders, along with bonuses of $1,000 for the same people. He has also announced sales tax holidays scattered throughout the year to help Floridians save as they spend.

Such measures may prove inadequate though as the cost-of-living crisis continues. In that case, maybe Senator Scott is right, and President Biden does need to do more to address the problem and own the issue?

Do you think that President Biden is doing enough to tackle the financial crisis? What more would you like to see him do? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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