Georgia Gas Station Offers Customers Gas for $2 per Gallon in a Gesture Showing Enormous Community Spirit

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The owner says it was "worth it" to help out the community
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Just days after Georgia's Governor Brian Kemp extended the suspension of taxes on gasoline until mid-August, a gas station owner in Georgia decided to do his bit to help out members of the local community.

Ravi Patel, owner of the A to Z Food Mart in Hinesville, GA decided to do what he could in the face of rising gasoline prices, and offered his customers gas for $2 per gallon for three hours on July 4.

Helping the local community - at a price

According to regular customers at the A to Z Food Mart, the act of community-spirited generosity by its owner is pretty typical. A customer referred to the discounted sale of gas:

“It don’t surprise me at all because they’re always doing something for the community, they’re always giving back.”

The average price of a gallon of unleaded gasoline in Georgia on July 4 was $4.31 according to the American Automobile Association, and in offering it to customers for $2, Ravi Patel was obviously going to take a big financial hit. Commenting on the sale, he had this to say:

“Everyone’s wallet’s taking a hit right now in 2022, so the least we can do as a locally, independently owned convenient store is give back for the community."

He estimates that he lost $12,000 during the sell-off of gas.
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Responding to President Biden's request?

Mr Patel was clearly just doing what he felt was right for his community. His short term reduction to the price of gasoline comes just after President Biden made an appeal on Twitter for gas stations to reduce their prices in order to help consumers meet the cost of fuel.

Critics have suggested that the president himself should take action to combat the rising price of gas rather than putting it on gas stations to help out motorists.

As long as gas prices are so high, many motorists will be glad of community-minded gas station owners who are able to help them out with some cheap fuel.

Are you struggling with the high cost of gasoline right now? Have you had to use your car less due to the rising price of fuel? Let me know in the comments section below.

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