Florida Is One of the Least Patriotic States According to an Annual Survey – It Came 47th Out of 50 for Patriotism!

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Is Florida unpatriotic?

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As Floridians celebrate America's Independence Day on July 4th it may come as a surprise to some that a recent survey carried out by WalletHub found that Florida was the 47th least patriotic state out of the 50. Only Rhode Island, New York and Arkansas scored lower.

What makes a state patriotic?

The survey was published in June, and considered a number of factors as being indicators of how patriotic each state actually is. Factors that were evaluated included:

  • Average number of military enlistees
  • Number of Veterans per capita
  • Share of adults who voted in 2020 presidential and primary elections
  • Volunteer hours per resident
  • Peace Corps volunteers per capita
  • Trial and grand jury participation per adult population

While not everyone will agree with such measures as being indicators of the patriotism of a state's population, the survey used 13 similar metrics and applied a weighting to them in order to come up with an overall score for patriotism.

Topping the eventual list was Alaska.

It varies from year to year

The WalletHub annual survey has been carried out each year for a number of years, and it may come as a surprise that the most patriotic state varies from year to year. New Hampshire has topped the list as the most patriotic state twice in the last 5 years though (2019 and 2020).

Is Florida unpatriotic?

As a confirmed Republican state, many Floridians will likely consider themselves to be true patriots, even though the WalletHub survey found that by its measures, Blue states scored slightly higher than Red states for patriotism.

As far as Floridians patriotism goes, the state has a significant military presence and residents of the state love it for the freedoms that Governor DeSantis and the state's leaders give them.

Governor DeSantis with Stars and StripesTwitter of GovRonDeSantis

The recent announcement by the governor of his intention to restore constitutional carry of guns - while politically contentious - is another demonstration of the state's focus on protecting constitutional rights. Is that a good sign of patriotism? Many will believe so.

Do you believe that Florida is a patriotic state? What do you think are the signs of a patriotic state besides those included in WalletHub's survey? Let me know in the comments section below.

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