Governor Kemp Signs Executive Order To Extend Suspension of Taxes on Gas in Georgia Until the End of the Summer

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Responding to "disastrous policies from Washington"
Governor Brian Kemp on July 1Twitter of GovKemp

On July 1, Georgia's Governor Brian Kemp signed an executive order that will extend the suspension of taxes on gasoline until the end of the summer. It's a move that will likely be very popular amongst the state's residents as they struggle to meet the inflated cost of living that all Americans are experiencing right now.

It was on March 22 that Governor Kemp first took decisive action, following the lead of Maryland's Governor Larry Hogan, and suspended gas taxes in the state.

The reduction was originally due to remain in place until May 31 but as the price of gas has continued to increase as the conflict in the Ukraine has carried on and sanctions against Russia have remained in place, it seems the governor felt that the suspension of these taxes needed to remain in place too.

Addressing the failure of "disastrous policies from Washington"

In a press release announcing the executive order, Governor Kemp was critical of the Biden administration and suggested that his actions were necessary in the absence of effective action being taken by Washington:

"I am committed to fighting to ease the economic burden hardworking Georgians are facing due to disastrous policies from Washington politicians. In March, I took decisive action to help those impacted by high prices at the pump. Unfortunately, President Biden and Democratic leaders have not done their part to tackle this issue."

He continued:

"To provide actual relief to Georgians, I am once again extending the supply chain state of emergency and suspending our state motor fuel tax."

The executive order will remain in effect through August 13.

No end in sight for rising gas prices

While the savings enabled by the suspension of taxes should help Georgia's motorists, many drivers will be wondering when the prices will stop rising. Governor Kemp's press release proudly states that Georgia's gas prices have regularly been the lowest in the U.S. and around 50 cents per gallon cheaper than the national average.

Nonetheless, data gathered by the American Automobile Association (AAA) shows that the average price of a gallon of regular unleaded today ($4.35) is almost 20 cents higher than a month ago, and $1.44 more than a year ago.

Many of Georgia's drivers will already be struggling to afford to fill their cars and trucks and if prices keep going up, more action may be needed from Governor Kemp if the state isn't to be brought to a halt!

What other steps would you like to see Governor Kemp taking to reduce the price of gas and to address the cost of living crisis more generally? Let me know in the comments section below.

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