Florida Supreme Court Approves Gov. DeSantis’ Request for Grand Jury To Investigate Immigration and People Trafficking

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DeSantis tackling "Biden's border crisis"

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On June 29, Florida's Supreme Court approved a petition that had been filed by Governor Ron DeSantis to impanel a statewide grand jury to investigate immigration-related issues such as the smuggling of undocumented children into the state. The governor was quick to acknowledge the decision on Twitter:

The grand jury represents the latest element of Gov. DeSantis' push to crack down on the effects of what he has termed "Biden's border crisis" - a collective term it would seem, for the continuing flow of undocumented immigrants across the U.S. southern border with Mexico.

In a recent post from the governor's official account on Twitter, it's suggested that over 239,000 desperate people attempted to cross the border during May, pushing the total who've crossed the border since Biden assumed office, to over 3 million. On June 17, Gov. DeSantis announced a set of measures intended to protect Florida and its citizens, as well as those poor souls who are trying to cross into America in search of a better life.

Protecting Floridians and immigrants

The measures - described under bill SB1808 - are intended to promote the safety of those men, women and children who are undertaking treacherous journeys, often under the control of human traffickers, as well as attempting to stem the flow of dangerous drugs such as fentanyl which appear to be flooding into the U.S. from its border with Mexico.

Commenting on the crisis, Governor DeSantis had this to say:

“Illegal aliens are being smuggled across the border in record numbers, which the reckless policies of the Biden administration facilitate. Today, Florida has taken additional action to protect our state from the effects of what is a full-fledged border crisis.”

Earlier in June the governor had suggested he would shortly be signing a bill into law that would reroute illegal immigrants on their way to Florida, onwards to sanctuary states including President Biden's home state of Delaware.

Investigating and disrupting people-trafficking

The grand jury will now investigate the entire mechanism of people-trafficking, from beginning to end in order to determine the full extent of the problem and to determine how the situation can be addressed most effectively.

With the signing of SB 1808, Gov. DeSantis has already barred state and local government agencies from contracting with transportation companies that bring undocumented immigrants into the state.

Whether the grand jury will be effective in tackling what DeSantis calls "Biden's border crisis" remains to be seen. If nothing else it would appear to be a move intended to win further favor and to boost Governor DeSantis' profile within the wider Republican party.

What do you think about Governor DeSantis putting so much focus on trying to tackle the border crisis when the southern border is so many states away? Do you think it's appropriate, or is it a misguided use of resources? Let me know in the comments section below.

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