Poll of Democrat Voters in Florida Puts Charlie Crist Ahead As Gubernatorial Candidate, 21% Ahead of Nikki Fried

Toby Hazlewood

Closing in on a head-to-head with Ron DeSantis

An internal poll carried out by Charlie Crist's campaign, released on June 29 has revealed that the Republican-turned-Democrat is enjoying a significant lead over Nikki Fried in the run up to Florida's gubernatorial election later this year.

The poll - carried out by GBAO Strategies - showed that 55% of likely Democratic Primary voters favor Crist, while only 34% favor Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried.

Responding to the results, Crist was quick to share details to Twitter:

It builds upon a similar poll completed in February 2022 when Crist enjoyed a similarly commanding lead over Fried and Annette Taddeo (who has since withdrawn and given her endorsement to Crist).

Leading in fundraising too

In political campaigning, fundraising matters. All Democratic candidates are facing a significant foe in Governor Ron DeSantis, the incumbent Republican governor who regularly adds over $10 million per month to his campaign war chest.

As well as leading the poll amongst Democrats, Crist also seems to be attracting the most significant amounts of financial support over Fried too. In May it was reported that Crist had raised $1 million in April via his 'Friends of Charlie Crist' political action committee.

In terms of fundraising efforts though, while Governor DeSantis is prepared to do everything from selling branded golf balls (in pairs) and offering limited edition series baseball cards featuring his own image, Crist seems to favor making pleas for small amounts of money via social media.

While both Crist and DeSantis no doubt have wealthier donors who contribute larger sums it seems clear why there's such a gulf between the size of their campaign funds.

Fried not out of the race yet

While Annette Taddeo is no longer in the running, Nikki Fried is still actively campaigning to build her following. Since the Supreme Court overturning of Roe Vs. Wade, Fried has been vocally campaigning alongside protestors who are unhappy about the infringement of their freedoms and what she sees as a backwards step for women rights.

Whether this will prove to be enough to grow her popularity as the Democratic candidate or not, remains to be seen.

Which of the Democratic candidates for governor would you prefer to see running against Ron DeSantis? Or do you think that DeSantis holds such a commanding lead that it makes no difference anyway? Let me know in the comments section below.

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