Governor Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump Are Both Selling Golf Balls To Raise Money for Their Political Campaign Funds

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Political fundraising with balls
Gov. DeSantis Branded Golf BallsScreenshot from Gov. DeSantis' Website

On June 5, former president Donald Trump's latest political fundraising scheme was launched and on this occasion he's taken the lead from Florida's Governor Ron DeSantis - both now sell branded golf balls as part of their efforts to raise political donations.

The Trump campaign, launched via the website for his Save America Joint Fundraising Committee invites 'donations' of $30 and above for a set of 'Save America' branded golf balls. The site talks of the balls as being a limited series set, but it's unclear how many are in the series.

A keen golfer, former president Trump was known to have golfed at least 298 times during his four year presidency according to In March of this year, he bragged online of having scored a hole-in-one that was supposedly witnessed by a number of pro-golfers and others within his entourage.

It's unclear exactly how many balls are included in a set of Trump, but there's no such mystery when it comes to those being sold by Governor Ron DeSantis.

The Governor's got a pair

Governor Ron DeSantis is well-versed in fundraising by any means possible. It's part of what's equipped his campaigning war-chest with well over $100 million to this point - far more than any of his nearest rivals in the 2022 gubernatorial election.

On the fund-raising website for his political campaigning, the governor sells t-shirts, beer coolers and other merchandise, including that which is branded for his unofficial theme song 'Sweet Florida', released by the Van Zant Brothers.

When it comes to his golf balls, the governor's fundraising team have also seized on the chance for some opportunistic marketing. The branded golf balls are sold in twos, the packaging emblazoned with the slogan 'Florida's Governor Has A Pair'! It's presumably a reference to his tendency to take bold stances in his leadership of the state.

Who copied who?

DeSantis was certainly the first of the two to sell branded golf balls to raise money, but it's not the first time the two Republicans have borrowed each other's ideas.

In April of this year, Gov. DeSantis offered 100 donors the opportunity to become gold card carrying 'Freedom First Fighters' by pledging a certain level of financial support to his campaign organisation.

Earlier in April, the Trump Political Action Committee had launched its own gold card scheme for his most enthusiastic donors. They do say that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery!

As DeSantis and Trump both work to raise money for their future political campaigns, it would seem that neither are willing to rule out branding and selling goods to their donors of any type, as long as they can make some money from it!

Would you buy and play with a Trump or a DeSantis branded golf ball? Let me know in the comments section below.

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