A Democratic Candidate for Congress Interrupted a Live Interview With Governor DeSantis To Highlight Gun Violence

Toby Hazlewood

Was it an effective way to make his point?

On June 3, Florida's Governor Ron DeSantis was in the middle of a live interview on stage with Dave Rubin, discussing Rubin's new book "Don't Burn This Country" when the pair were interrupted by a heckler from the crowd.

While disruptions are expected from time-to-time at such events, the interruption on this occasion came not from a lone activist, but rather from a Democratic candidate for Congress - Maxwell Alejandro Frost.

Frost is a gun violence prevention advocate who, at 25-years-old is one of the youngest Democrats to be running for Congress, representing Orlando. Unsurprisingly, the substance of his attack was to ask the governor for his help in dealing with the high levels of gun violence in Florida right now, and the 100 people who are supposedly dying due to guns in Florida each day. Frost shared a video of his confronting DeSantis and Rubin, on Twitter:

A predictably hostile response

Frost chose to tackle the governor in a hostile environment for a Democrat holding strong views about gun control. The response from the crowd was predictable - a lot of booing and jeering.

Governor Ron DeSantis was also very dismissive of Frost, as he responded to claims that Florida needs action on gun violence:

"Hey buddy, nobody wants to hear from you."

Frost was removed from the arena by security, and later in the evening Dave Rubin also took to Twitter to comment on the events of the night, pointing out that Frost had disrupted the event by yelling at the governor, not by asking questions. Rubin also thanked Frost for having bought a ticket to the event!

Did Frost have a point?

As a Democrat who advocates for gun control and gun violence prevention, the sentiments shared by Frost were to be expected. But given the current climate in Florida regarding gun ownership, particularly in the aftermath of recent mass-shootings in Uvalde, TX and Buffalo, NY, it's perhaps unsurprising that he should be looking to press the issue.

But there may be questions raised over whether heckling the governor of Florida in a live Q&A is the way to do it if he wants to have a serious political career.

Governor DeSantis has recently promised to get constitutional carry of handguns passed by Florida's legislators before the end of his term as governor. Loosening gun controls rather than tightening them clearly sits at odds with what Frost would hope for.

Exaggerating the facts?

While any number of deaths associated with guns is unacceptable, it would seem like the numbers that he quoted in his rant towards Rubin and DeSantis are severely inflated. Data for June 5 suggests that there were 64 gun-related deaths across the entire U.S. on that day. Furthermore, only 4 of those occurred in Florida.

Again, any death is unacceptable of course, but to quote 100 deaths each day is to overstate the facts significantly and this too may weaken Frost's cause, as well as the way he chose to make his point.

Time will tell if the event has any impacts on his political career.

Do you think Maxwell Frost was right to interrupt Governor DeSantis as he spoke with Dave Rubin on stage? Do you think it's wrong for a political candidate to conduct themselves in such a way? Let me know in the comments section below.

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