Floridians Urged To Take Advantage of Sales Tax Holiday While Getting Prepared for Hurricane Season

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Can Floridians afford to be prepared though?

Governor DeSantis announces tax holidaysTwitter of GovRonDeSantis

Last month, Florida's Governor Ron DeSantis announced a series of sales tax holidays intended to help Floridians to cope as rampant inflation and higher than usual costs of living plague the nation. On May 28, the first of these sales tax holidays came into effect.

From May 28 until June 10 the sale of qualifying items, classed as those necessary to prepare in the event of hurricanes, will be exempt from sales tax.

Items such as batteries, flashlights, smoke detectors and bungee cords are all included in the exemptions. A full list of the qualifying items can be found in this document from the Florida Department of Revenue.

Can people afford to be prepared?

Residents of Florida are being urged to plan ahead and be prepared in case of hurricane damage. Many are concerned though that while the saving on sales tax is welcome, a lot of Florida's residents are struggling right now to meet the current cost of living that has become unmanageable.

Gasoline costs remain high in the state having not recovered to normal levels since price hikes at the start of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. As such, many are most interested in the tax holiday on motor fuel although there's a suggestion that this may not come for some time, until October of this year.

The cost of gas and the heightened cost of everyday goods has gone up due to inflation, meaning that even the bare essentials are costing average people more. As Democratic challenger for the gubernatorial election put it - "Floridians can't afford Florida anymore."

Money off when you spend?

While the sales tax holidays are welcomed for those who can afford to buy goods to help them be prepared for hurricane season, many might be more appreciative of a financial stimulus payment like those that have been awarded to certain select groups in Florida recently. Teachers, police officers and firefighters have all received bonus payments from the state this year.

Instead, others have the opportunity to save money, but only while spending. At least Floridians have a number of opportunities to save money on a variety of things throughout the year, which will help.

The advice then it seems - if you can afford to stock up on goods for hurricane season, then the time to do it is now while the tax holidays are in effect!

Do you think that Governor DeSantis is doing enough to help Floridians out through the current cost of living crisis? Can you afford to pay for things to allow you to be prepared for hurricane season? Let me know in the comments section below.

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