Heroic Sheriff’s Deputies From Hillsborough County Rescue a Boy Aged 9 From a Burning Building

Toby Hazlewood

The heroic rescue was caught on body cam

Late in the evening of May 19, Deputies from Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office risked their own lives and personal safety, racing to the rescue of a child trapped in a burning building. The boy, named as Owen Ares aged 9, remained trapped in the house, from which his parents had already escaped.

Sheriff Deputy Kevin Reich and Deputy Alexander Maldonado arrived on the scene to find the devastated parents outside the building and without thought for their own safety, raced towards the building to rescue Owen.

They guided him towards them through the smoke and flames, before snatching him through a window and out to safety where his parents were waiting with the family dog who also survived the blaze.

Their rescue was caught on body camera.

Another rescue caught on camera

Last month, Deputy William Puzynski of Orange County Sheriff's Office removed his body armor (with camera affixed) and climbed up an apartment building to rescue a baby girl caught in the building. His heroism was also caught on camera.

Appreciation for Florida's police officers

May 11 to May 17 has just passed, during which Florida recognized and appreciated it's police officers during National Police Week.

Florida is a state that respects and appreciates its police officers. In March, Governor DeSantis signed new legislation raising the minimum annual salary for police officers to $50,000 while also offering a bonus of $5,000 to attract officers to relocate from out of state.

Police officers are also amongst first responders to receive a $1,000 bonus payment for the second year in a row, thanks to another bill approved by the state's legislature.

In the case of the deputies who risked their own safety to rescue Owen Ares, the bonus seems to be very justified.

Do you think police officers and other first responders in Florida are paid enough given the dangers they face? Let me know in the comments section below.

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