Georgia’s Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Greene Grilled for Repeatedly Voting Against Providing Help to the Ukrainian People

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She claims the media are "obsessed with another country"
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On May 12 Representative Marjorie Taylor-Greene of Georgia was grilled by a journalist from the Washington Post, who challenged her on having voted against multiple proposals to send financial aid to the Ukraine.

After expressing her sympathies to the plight of the Ukrainian people in general terms, Taylor-Greene went to pains to point out all the reasons why she felt that more focus should be given to solving America's problems rather than sending $40 billion in aid to a foreign country. She later shared a full video of the exchange to her official Twitter account:

One of only 2 Republicans to object

On Wednesday May 11, Taylor-Greene and Thomas Massie, a Republican from Kentucky were the only two representatives to vote against a total of four bills that either rebuked Russia and Belarus, or offered help to the Ukraine.

In April, Taylor-Greene and Massie were amongst a small number of politicians from both sides of the aisle to vote against a bill proposing the seizure of assets from Russian oligarchs.

Focused on the people of Georgia?

A significant part of her defense against accusations from the Washington Post journalist, was that Taylor-Greene had been nominated to represent the interests of the people of Georgia. She then went on to reel off a number of issues that she believes are more worthy of her attention.

The first few that she mentioned however - the Mexico border crisis and the trafficking of humans and fentanyl - are little to do with the state of Georgia but rather are issues more immediately relevant to Texas and Arizona.

She also referred to out of control inflation and heightened gas prices which she blames on the Biden administration and its failure to manage these issues and bring them in hand, and the current shortages of baby formula that are occurring across the United States. These are of course legitimate problems but don't exist in isolation to wider global issues such as the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Does she have a point?

Some may believe that Rep. Taylor-Greene has a point in that her primary focus should be upon matters concerning the people of Georgia and America as a whole.

But it would seem naive if she were to believe that global economics and issues such as the Russia-Ukraine crisis are irrelevant to the challenges being felt in the United States right now. It's in part the fact that Russia controls so much of the supply of oil that has contributed to the increased gas prices that are being felt in Georgia right now. While Governor Kemp has put a temporary halt to sales tax on gasoline, prices remain high for now.

It may be in the best interests of the people of Georgia then, if Marjorie Taylor-Greene were to look a bit more widely and to engage in trying to solve the world's problems rather than blocking every initiative that's proposed.

Do you think Marjorie Taylor-Greene is right to be so single-mindedly focused on the priorities of the Republican party or should she be engaging with policies that affect the wider world as other politicians are expected to do? Let me know in the comments section below.

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