Florida Begins Week-Long Observance of National Police Week – Honoring and Acknowledging the State’s Law Enforcers

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Starting with lighting the capitol building blue

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May 11 to May 17 has been designated as National Police Week across the U.S. and Florida will be observing it fully, recognizing the importance of the state's police officers and law enforcers and giving them the acknowledgment and gratitude they are due.

Things kicked off on May 11 as the state's capitol building was illuminated with a blue light to mark the occasion. Governor Ron DeSantis tweeted a picture of the blue-lit building, stating "In Florida we back the blue":

Police forces throughout Florida will be observing National Police Week with different events to express gratitude to serving officers, but also to honor and remember those who've made the ultimate sacrifice, dying in the service of others.

It's also a time when not just the human police officers, but also the K-9 units - police dogs - who are honored for their service.

Florida values its police officers

Florida certainly seems to be a state that respects and appreciates its police officers. In March, Governor DeSantis signed new legislation raising the minimum annual salary for police officers to $50,000 while also offering a bonus of $5,000 to attract officers to relocate from out of state.

Police officers are also amongst first responders to receive a $1,000 bonus payment for the second year in a row, thanks to another bill approved by the state's legislature.

Above and beyond the call of duty

Law enforcement officers in the state often go above and beyond the call of duty, not just fighting crime and maintaining public order, but in ways that would be outside of the scope of their jobs ordinarily:

The police officers of Florida play an essential role in society and it seems an extremely good thing that they'll be recognized and honored during National Police Week.

Have you been helped by the police in Florida? Is our community doing anything to honor National Police Week? Let me know in the comments section below.

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