A Polk County Animal Shelter Is Desperately Searching for Foster Homes for Pit Bulls – It’s Running Out of Space!

Toby Hazlewood

In two-weeks, 72 puppies were born at the shelter

A Polk County animal shelter - the Polk County Bully Project - is appealing for foster homes to take on some of their stock of pit bulls and related breeds, after reaching breaking point, it was reported on May 9.

The shelter has reached its capacity, after 8 pregnant pit bulls at the shelter collectively gave birth to 72 puppies within a 2 week period.

Animal control restrictions prevent pit bulls and related crossbreeds from being permanently adopted. Animal shelters like the Polk County Bully Project save animals that might otherwise be euthanized by taking abandoned dogs in until foster homes can be found for them.

Currently they have 25 animals at the shelter, and another 50 housed with foster homes.

Invaluable work done by animal shelters

As all animal lovers will agree, it's a good job that shelters and rescue centers exist to care for abandoned pets and those whose owners can no longer care for them.

In the nearby state of Georgia in April, a combined team of animal rescue workers were called-upon to rescue a total of 65 dogs from an "overwhelmed" pet owner in the state, who had taken on too many animals and could no longer care for them.

The team made up of the Atlanta Humane Society, along with ASPCA and Hancock Animal Friends attended the address to rescue animals ranging from puppies through to dogs over 10 years old. It was found that many would require medical treatment and behavioral training before new homes could be found for them.

Pandemic puppies that can no longer be cared for

During the global pandemic of the last 2 years, there was an unprecedented increase in people buying dogs. With plentiful free time at home, many took the opportunity to buy dogs and other pets. At the time, the price of puppies skyrocketed and many homes enjoyed pet ownership for the first time.

Now, as normality resumes and people return to work they are finding it hard to give their dogs the care and energy they deserve which in-part accounts for the demand being made for animal shelters to take on the animals.

Thank goodness these centres exist for the sake of the innocent pets. Hopefully homes can be found for the dogs from the Polk County Bully Project.

Do you think animal rescue centers get the appreciation they are due? Should there be more stringent checks on people before they're allowed to own a dog? Let me know in the comments section below.

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