Floridians Expected To Spend More on Mother’s Day Than Ever Before – Out of Generosity or Because of Inflation?

Toby Hazlewood

Will moms actually receive more?

On Mother's Day 2022 - May 8 - it would seem that Florida's moms can expect a little more in the way of recognition from their offspring. A recent survey carried out by the National Retail Federation reported that it expects $3.6 billion more than last year to be spent as Americans recognize their mothers by spending a little more than usual.

Americans are expected to spend $31.7 billion on mother's day treats in 2022 - an average spend of $245.76 on flowers, gifts and treats such as taking mom out to her favorite restaurant.

It's a day that's about more than gifts of course - Governor Ron DeSantis was keen to recognize his wife, Casey DeSantis - mother to his three young kids, which he did on Twitter earlier on May 8.

Earlier in the week - on May 5 - the governor had taken to Twitter to thank those who sent kind wishes or prayed for Casey DeSantis as she battled cancer earlier this year.

Less for our money?

Many will be asking though, is it the case though that moms are being treated a little more than in past years, or is it just a reflection of the rising cost of living in Florida, that consumers are getting less for their money and having to pay more for the same goods and services?

Earlier this week, Democratic candidate for the gubernatorial election Nikki Fried appeared on Fox News to share her perspective that "Floridians can't afford to live in Florida anymore" due to the rising cost of living in the state.

The effects of inflation may certainly play a part in increasing the cost of flowers. Many florists across the U.S. have reported that the cost of cut flowers has increased at record levels, pushing flowers up in some areas of the country from 50 cents per stem to over $3 per stem.

That alone could account for the extra $25 that some are spending on their mother's day gifts if they were going to buy or send a bouquet?

Single mom who is battling cancer gets treated to a new car

All moms who devote their time and energy to raising their kids, deserve to be recognized on mother's day - it's not just about kids spending money on their moms but rather, acts of kindness, love and gratitude.

Mother's day flowersPhoto by Ijaz Rafi on Unsplash

One single mom from Florida received an early mother's day treat however. Shante Johnson is a single mother of three kids, who works two jobs and is currently battling breast cancer.

Ms Johnson who lives in the Tampa area, was given a new car by local firm, RNR Tire Express. The gift will hopefully make her life a little easier and relieve her from having to take buses between her jobs, and to get to medical appointments as she battles her illness.

Have a very happy mother's day, whatever you may be up to and whether you're a mom, celebrating your own mom or just enjoying the day.

Do you think moms get enough recognition for their efforts? Does it have to be recognized with gifts and treats, or are random acts of kindness scattered throughout the year a better way or honoring moms? Let me know in the comments section below.


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