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Fort Lauderdale Air Show Continues to Delight and Impress This Weekend As Crowds Flock to Watch The Display

Toby Hazlewood

The secret ingredient: patriotism!

In spite of cloudy and at times, rainy weather the Fort Lauderdale Air and Sea Show opened on Saturday April 30. The show continues into Sunday May 1 and visitors to the area can expect to see a great show of military aircraft from past eras and current models reflecting those in service to the present day.

Patriotism is threaded through the entire event, as viewers witness the might of the U.S. Air Force and Navy aviators putting their aircraft through their paces.

Aircraft past and present

Amongst the aircraft and display teams exhibiting at the event over the weekend, the public can expect to see:

  • A-10 Thunderbolts - ground attack aircraft known for their ferocious firepower and incredible maneuverability
  • P-51 Mustangs - a mainstay of America's air combat during World War 2
  • Stars of the show - The Thunderbirds - The U.S. Air Force's display team flying red, white and blue F-16 Fighting Falcons

For those unable to make the event, check out the Thunderbirds in action on YouTube:

Viewers get a kick from it, and so do the pilots

For members of the public watching the display, it's the first time they've seen (and heard) military jets flying up-close - it's a great thrill!

But for pilots displaying the latest military hardware, flying at air displays can be a great rush too.

Commenting on the experience, Lt. Daniel Slater, a demo pilot with U.S. Navy reflected that the public are keen to learn more about the aircraft, and it's often a good way for the forces to recruit from the public too:

“People are very interested in the jets. The newest fighter we’ve got is the Navy’s first 5th generation fighter as well. So, it’s great getting to go out and talk about it, meet some people, meet respected naval aviators as well, anyone that wants to get involved with the Navy, especially the guys that want to fly fighter jets like we’ve been doing here today.”

While the weather was cloudy and unseasonably rainy for Saturday's opening program, the forecast looks better for Sunday and those attending are in for a treat, with displays beginning at 11.15am.

More details on where to watch the show, ticket prices and so-on are available via the show's website.

Have you visited an air show before? Are you more impressed by the older aircraft still flying, or do you get more of a kick from the modern jets? Let me know in the comments section below.

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