Gov. DeSantis Travels to Las Vegas To Speak at a Rally in Support of Former Navy Roommate and Republican Adam Laxalt

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His first out-of-state travel supporting another politician

On April 27 Florida's Governor Ron DeSantis took time out to travel to Nevada where he attended the 'Rise Up' rally in support of his friend, fellow-Republican and former Navy roommate Adam Laxalt.

Speaking to around 1000 people who attended the event in support of Laxalt who is running as a Senator for Nevada, Governor DeSantis offered words of support and encouragement:

“You need to elect people that aren’t just going to tell you what you want to hear. Because every single person that runs as a Republican in these primaries, they all say the same thing. And yet so many of these Republicans, when they get into office, they don’t do anything.”

Governor DeSantis carried on, perhaps making reference to his time in the U.S. Navy alongside Laxalt:

“ times like these, there is no substitute for courage.”

A sign of greater ambitions?

Governor DeSantis' trip was perhaps motivated by him trying to help a friend out. It may also have offered welcome respite from recent events in Florida that have been dominating his time and attention.
Governor Ron DeSantisTwitter of GovRonDeSantis

This month he has been firefighting backlash against new legislation including the 'Stop WOKE Act' and the so-called 'Don't Say Gay' bill that were both been signed in recent days.

Most significantly however, could be that this is a sign of Governor DeSantis' growing power in the Republican party. As he prepares for his re-election campaign in the gubernatorial election, there are signs of him having a greater ambition towards running in the presidential election in 2024.

The power of endorsements

Former president Donald Trump has repeatedly claimed that DeSantis was only elected as governor of Florida thanks to his endorsement. While Floridians who support the governor may disagree, it's clear that politicians build their national notoriety through appearances out-of-state.

Governor DeSantis is clearly focused on doing just that - and the fact that his fellow Republicans are keen to seek his endorsement and support appears to suggest that his profile is growing outside of Florida too.

Do you think Governor DeSantis is likely to extend his political ambitions beyond Florida? Do you think he should be focusing on doing his job as governor rather than travelling around the U.S. endorsing colleagues? Let me know in the comments section below.

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