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Georgia Steakhouse Employee Honored for Grilling One Million Steaks During Their 20-Year Career

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A 'rare' achievement

An employee of the LongHorn Steakhouse restaurant chain, working at their outlet in Columbus, Georgia has just been honored by her employer for a rare achievement.

Gayle Dudley has worked at the restaurant for over 20-years and was recently acknowledged by her employer for having grilled over 1 million steaks during her time at the grill. Gayle has been awarded the title of "Grill Master Legend" and her achievements were acknowledged by her employer with a celebratory meal at the restaurant along with friends, family and coworkers.
Gayle Dudley with her bonus checkLongHorn Steakhouse

Gayle also received a gold chef's jacket and a bonus check for $5,000 in recognition of her efforts and time spent at the grill.

Americans love to eat steak

Gayle has clearly handled a lot of steak in her career - likely over 2 million pounds based on an 8 ounce average steak.

Americans consume the second highest amount of beef in the world, per person, behind Argentina. In 20217, the average American consumed a staggering 81.74 pounds of beef. This number has actually reduced compared to data from 1976 when the average amount consumed was over 125 pounds of beef per year.

In recent years, chicken has actually overtaken beef as the most-consumed meat in America.
Meat consumption in the U.S.Sentient Media

While concerns over the saturated fat content of beef were behind the drop in the amount of meat consumed, average consumption is increasing once again with the rise in popularity of ketogenic diets and other regimes that promote protein over carbohydrates.

72 ounces in less than 3 minutes?

A lot of different diners have likely enjoyed steaks cooked by Gayle Dudley in the course of her career at LongHorn. Enjoyment was probably not on the menu though when Molly Schuyler set the record for the fastest 72-ounce steak ever eaten.

Schuyler consumed the 4.5 pound steak in just 2 minutes and 44 seconds at Sayler's Old Country Kitchen in Portland, Oregon! As skilled grill masters like Gayle Dudley know, that's far less time than it took to grill that 72-ounce lump of meat to perfection!

How do you like your steak cooked? Are you a grill master or do you prefer to eat out? Let me know in the comments section below.

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