65 Dogs Rescued From an “Overwhelmed” Owner in Georgia – Many Will Require Medical Treatment Before New Homes Are Found

Toby Hazlewood

Animals given hope of a new life

On April 23 a combined team of animal rescue workers were called-upon to rescue a total of 65 dogs from an "overwhelmed" pet owner in mid-Georgia.

The team, made up of Atlanta Humane Society, along with ASPCA and Hancock Animal Friends attended the address to rescue animals ranging from puppies through to dogs over 10 years old. It was found that many will require medical treatment and behavioral training before new homes can be found for them.

The lengths people go to, to rescue animals

The workers from the various organizations involved in this animal rescue operation are heroes for their actions. It demonstrates once again that dogs really are a human's best friend.

Last year a story emerged of a team of dog lovers in Alabama who used chartered light aircraft to rescue dogs that were due to be euthanized, transporting them to states including Florida so the dogs could find new homes.

In one rescue, 27 puppies were transported by plane from Alabama to Florida. A video of the puppies' adventures went viral on social media platform TikTok.

Pandemic Puppies

The circumstances that led to the dog owner in Georgia having so many animals at their property are unclear, but it is an extreme example of a growing problem. The large numbers of animals that dog owners can no longer care for.

During the global pandemic, there was an unprecedented increase in people buying dogs. With plentiful free time at home, many took the opportunity to buy dogs and other pets. At the time, the price of puppies skyrocketed and many homes enjoyed pet ownership for the first time.

But as the world returns to normal and people are returning to work, many are struggling to take care of the animals they brought into their homes - and many such animals are ending up at overcrowded shelters.

The case of the overwhelmed dog owner in Georgia offers a timely reminder for those considering buying a dog - that they require a lot of care and attention. Dog ownership isn't something to be entered into lightly.

How many dogs do you think one person can reasonably manage while giving the animals the attention they deserve? Do you think animal rescue workers get the recognition they are due? Let me know in the comments section below.

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