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Seven Billionaires From Tampa Area Named on Forbes Rich List of World’s Billionaires for 2022

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Wealth and prosperity in Hillsborough County

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Many rich and prosperous people are drawn to Florida by its climate, favorable tax laws and the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurialism that exists in the state. And it would seem that many of the worlds richest people consider Florida their home.

The recently published Forbes rich list of the world's billionaires has revealed that seven members of the exclusive list hail from or live in the Tampa Bay area.

Elon Musk tops the list of course, with a net worth of $219 billion, and his Space X business already has an extensive presence in the state of Florida. According to the Forbes list, published on April 6, Musk's fortune grew by $68 billion in the last year alone - more than the total fortunes of all of the Tampa Bay billionaires combined.

But there are also a number of lesser-known billionaires who also live in the Tampa area, who are included on Forbes' list.

Here are the super-rich of Tampa and their reported net worth, according to Forbes:

  • Ronald Wanek, founder of Ashley Furniture - $5.5 billion
  • Todd Wanek, CEO - Ashley Furniture - $3.4 billion
  • Edward DeBartolo Jr., chairman and CEO of DeBartolo Holdings (and former owner of the San Francisco 49ers) - $2.7 billion
  • Todd Christopher, an entrepreneur who sold his company, Vogue International, to Johnson & Johnson in 2016 - $3 billion
  • Kenneth Feld & family, owner of Feld Entertainment (parent company of Disney on Ice, Monster Jam and other shows) - $2.3 billion
  • Thomas James, owner of the Raymond James company - $2.1 billion
  • Robert Duggan - entrepreneur and investor - $2 billion

Tampa is known and loved by those who make the city their home, and it's also desirable to other niche groups - a recent survey of young Republican college graduates revealed Tampa as the most desirable destination city for this group in Florida, second only to Austin, TX in the whole of the United States.

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While many may believe that it's obscene or unnecessary for individuals to hold so much wealth given that many Americans are struggling to survive the inflation crippling the U.S. right now, it certainly seems that there's no shortage of wealth in Florida.

Having such wealthy individuals in the state will hopefully be a positive for residents of the state through job creation, investment and acts of philanthropy on the part of the super-rich. We can hope at least!

What do you think about individuals holding so much wealth? Would you like to have that amount of money to your name, or do you think it would change your life for the worse? Let me know in the comments section below.

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