Gov DeSantis Announces Florida’s First Responders To Receive $1,000 Bonus for Second Year in a Row

Toby Hazlewood

A show of appreciation from the state

On March 31 Governor Ron DeSantis announced that first responders in the state of Florida will each receive a one-off bonus payment of $1,000 in recognition of the vital role they play.

This is the second year in a row that such payments have been made to police officers, sheriff’s deputies, paramedics, EMTs and firefighters and it is intended to reward them for the part they play in preserving order and keeping citizens safe.

One day later, on April 1 the governor also signed the bill that will offer $5,000 incentives to attract new police officers to the state from elsewhere in the United States. It demonstrates once again that Florida has a commitment to attracting and retaining its law enforcement officers.

First responders - "the tip of the spear"

Governor DeSantis spoke of the bonus payments as a means of also helping these essential workers to manage in the face of the ever-escalating cost of living and inflation that's currently gripping Florida and the wider United States.

“While other states turned their backs on law enforcement and first responders, Florida has continued to support them. These bonuses are a well-deserved recognition to our law enforcement and first responders for all they do for Florida.”

The state's Chief Financial Officer - Jimmy Patronis - also acknowledged the vital nature of first responders' work:

“Florida’s first responders are the tip of the spear when protecting our communities... What our law enforcement and firefighters do is not just a job – it’s a calling – and thank God they answer that call."

Few would dispute that recipients of the bonus are deserving of the recognition, but many others are also struggling with the rising cost of living and may be wondering what help they can access?

Help for select groups

The DeSantis administration has also recently announced that teachers are another select group that will receive financial recognition, with an increased basic salary of $47,500.

Again, few would begrudge teachers the extra money but there are many others in other professions who could use the help too, particularly as areas of Florida have been acknowledged to be suffering the highest levels of inflation seen across the country.

Are you in favor of financial recognition for select groups of Floridians based on their professions, or do you feel that financial stimulus payments should be shared out amongst all in the state? Let me know in the comments section below.

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