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Another Huge Lottery Win in Florida – a Miami Man Wins $1000 Every Day – for Life!

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He chose to take a $7 million lump sum instead
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2022 seems to have started with a number of big lottery wins in Florida. Just last week a Lakeland man won a $5 million jackpot prize on a Florida State Lottery 'Gold Rush' scratch-off game. Since then, it's also emerged that a Miami man won an even bigger prize on the national Cash4Life draw.

His prize? $1000 each day for life!

Hugo Juliao, the prize winner - opted to receive his prize as a one-off lump sum of $7 million rather than taking it in daily or monthly payments. His decision may well prove to be a sensible one, given that it would take him a little over 19 years to receive the same amount of money.

Publix - one of the luckiest places in Florida to buy tickets?

Mr Juliao bought his ticket - a Cash4Life quick pick - at a Publix supermarket in Miami.

It may be a coincidence, but Publix outlets seem to be amongst the luckiest stores in Florida for buying winning lottery tickets too! In January of this year, two jackpot prizes of $13.75 million and $1 million were paid out to tickets purchased in Publix stores in Wildwood and Weston.

A 2018 survey carried out by ClickOrlando revealed that Publix supermarkets accounted for five of the top 10 most winning retailers in Central Florida:
Luckiest Lottery Retailers in FloridaClickOrlando

Privacy for lottery winners?

While many of the recent winners of big lottery prizes in Florida have been named in the media, the state legislature passed a new bill in February that gives winners the opportunity to opt out of publicity, so that their identity can be protected and they can avoid unwanted attention if they wish.

For many, winning the lottery might be a nice problem to have, but there are many well-reported side-effects of big wins that aren't appealing. A study reported in Time magazine suggests that 70% of winners end up bankrupt within a few years.

Other negative side-effects commonly reported, are that many winners end up losing friends and find themselves the target of extortion scams, begging letters and even threats of violence.

For these reasons, it seems understandable why winners would shy away from publicity.

If you won the lottery would you keep the news quiet, or would you go public so that you could enjoy the moment and maybe spread your win around amongst family and friends? Let me know in the comments section below.

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