Nancy Pelosi Calls Out Florida’s Ageing and Broken Infrastructure During Visit to the Sunshine State

Toby Hazlewood

America needs to invest in its old and broken infrastructure

Democrat and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was in Palm Beach County this weekend, and in a press conference decided to comment upon the ageing infrastructure that is in sore need of maintenance in Florida and across the U.S.

Pelosi - aged 81 herself - saw fit to call out the poor state of repair of so much of America's aged infrastructure. She used examples such as the George Bush bridge in Delray Beach which has been stuck open since March 3 as an example of the kinds of roads and bridges that are sorely in need of investment, maintenance and repair.

It was a useful way for Speaker Pelosi to point out the $550 billion of federal infrastructure investment that the Biden Administration introduced last year and which received full bipartisan support. In spite of the universal backing, Democrats have been keen to badge this initiative as a win for the Biden administration alone.

Build back better

The example of the broken George Bush bridge gave Speaker Pelosi a useful metaphor to use in her speech, pointing out the essential role that such structures play in American communities:

"Our bridges connect us and when that connection comes down it affects so many people. This legislation is very important to the sustainability of our communities as we build back better. We know that the most expensive maintenance is no maintenance, and that is what we see here."

Florida will initially receive around $19 billion of the 'Build Back Better' funding allocated by the federal government, although if the state's full infrastructure is to be addressed with this funding then further funds are likely to be needed.

According to Palm Beach County officials one of the bridge’s shafts is broken in two places. The broken parts have been sent out of state to be repaired and there is as yet no word when the bridge will be back online.

Hopefully some of the 'Build Back Better' funding will be allocated to this project and the bridge will be functioning again soon!

What do you think of the state of Florida's roads and bridges? Do you see much evidence of infrastructure maintenance where you live, or do you think that the government has neglected infrastructure for too long? Let me know in the comments section below.

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