Florida Cops Arrested a DoorDash Driver – Then Delivered the Customer’s Food on the Driver’s Behalf

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Hillsborough County officers went the extra mile

When a woman in Hillsborough County ordered a food delivery from DoorDash this weekend, she probably didn't expect that it would be an officer of the law who brought the food to her door!

But that's exactly what happened on March 6. Social media posts from the Hillsborough County Sheriff Office, featuring photos from the incident have since gone viral.

The driver had two open warrants

The incident began after the sheriff's deputies pulled over the DoorDash driver and found he had two open warrants against him. Their job could have ended there, taking the driver into custody.

But instead, the officers decided to take the customer's food onwards, to make sure they didn't go hungry. Details of the episode were also shared via the Hillsborough County Sheriff Office Facebook page.

Facebook post from HCSOFacebook

A growing trend?

The act of kindness by HCSO deputies could be a sign of things to come for other police forces. Only last month, a police officer in Sioux Falls, South Dakota arrested a DoorDash driver on the way to a customer delivery. Rather than letting their order go to waste, the diligent officer took the food to the customer's address, making sure they got what they ordered.

Video of the cop making the delivery to the customer was captured on their doorbell camera. That video footage has also received thousands of views and comments online.

A bit of light relief

These stories are undoubtedly amusing, and give police departments something to share on their social media pages that is uplifting and positive rather than troubling or scary. While the officers in these examples were going above and beyond the call of duty, it no doubt gave them some light relief from their usual duties too!

Have you witnessed any examples of police officers going above and beyond teh call of duty to help the public? Let me know in the comments section below.

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