US Coast Guard Rescues 10 Migrants From a Boat Sinking off Florida – 6 Were Immediately Repatriated to Cuba

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No lifejackets or safety equipment on board
Coast Guard HelicopterPhoto by The Marksman on Unsplash

Barely two weeks after 39 out of 40 migrants died when their boat sank, the US Coast Guard was once again called upon to rescue those making the treacherous crossing from Cuba to Florida. This time, the Coast Guard rescued the 10 Cubans aboard a boat sinking around 40-miles off Key Largo, before immediately repatriating 6 of them to Cuba.

The remaining 4 were taken to Florida to receive medical attention.

Increasing numbers trying to cross to Florida

In spite of the tragic ongoing loss of life amongst migrants trying to cross the ocean and reach Florida, it would appear that more and more are attempting the crossing.

On January 8 it was reported that over 150 Cubans had already been repatriated since the start of the new year.

Migrants seem sufficiently motivated to seek a better life in the USA that they're willing to take their chances. Almost daily, the Coastguard is called upon to rescue migrants whose dangerously overloaded or poorly equipped boats have capsized or run into trouble.

In late January, the Coastguard were assisted by other private citizens in saving 32 migrants whose boat had capsized, near Bimini in the Bahamas:

By land or sea

The numbers trying to cross the sea from countries like Haiti is increasing radically. While it now seems that many Cubans favor crossing into the US via the Mexican border, more than 1,527 Haitians were picked up by the US Coastguard in the year to September 2021 in the waters around Florida, up from a previous high of 932.

Migrants who are so desperate to improve their lives by seeking a new start in the USA will seemingly do whatever's necessary to try and reach Florida's shores. It's fortunate for them that the US Coastguard is primed to save them when the worst happens. Quite how the situation will be resolved is hard to figure out.

What do you think about the risky crossings that migrants to the US are attempting? Would you attempt such a crossing in order to improve yours and your family's lives? Let me know in the comments section below.

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