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A Florida Police Sergeant Is Demoted to Desk Duty After Body-Cams Caught Him Grabbing Another Officer by the Throat

Toby Hazlewood

The female officer he grabbed was not a rookie either

A Florida police sergeant from Sunrise, Florida has been taken off frontline duty after body-cam footage emerged from an arrest that happened in November 2021.

In the footage which was released this week, Sergeant Christopher Pullease, a 21-year veteran of the force is seen grabbing a female colleague by the throat and pushing her backwards.

It would appear that the female officer (who has not been named but is thought to have served on the force for over 2 years) was trying to intervene after Pullease had used pepper spray to apprehend a suspect. The suspect is seen handcuffed in the back of a car, with Pullease leaning in and yelling at him.

After a few moments, the other officer intervenes, pulling Pullease back in an attempt to de-escalate a situation which was apparently becoming quite volatile.

Seemingly unhappy at being restrained, Pullease turns on the female officer and grabs her by the throat, pushing her backwards and out of shot. The body-cam footage has since emerged and Pulease is under investigation by the force's Internal Affairs team.

Cameras are everywhere

In the modern world we're accustomed to the fact that there are video cameras all around us, monitoring our every move. A recent report suggested that Americans are caught on camera around 70 times every day, which is still a staggeringly high number.

The justification for such surveillance is to discourage crime and to monitor situations for signs of trouble or danger - for example by monitoring cities and busy roads. Police body-cams have a further theoretical benefit in helping to gather evidence from crime scenes and as a means of corroborating what happened.

Body-cams confirm witness accounts

This was what happened in the case of a shooting following a road-rage incident in November, where a Florida man shot a woman in self-defence after she apparently threatened him with a gun after he followed her home from the incident.

Police body-cam footage confirmed that he was compliant with police and as a licensed gun-owner had apparently acted in self-defence.

As the case of Sergeant Pullease proves, body-cams also serve as a useful means of keeping officers behavior in check, capturing instances where they may not be following correct protocol when it comes to suspects or their colleagues.

What do you think about the number of video cameras that capture our movements every day? Are you happy to be filmed or do you believe it's an invasion of your privacy? Let me know in the comments section below.

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