Two Big Florida Lottery Prizes Have Been Claimed This Week – And Both Winning Tickets Were Bought at Publix Stores!

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A good omen or just a lucky coincidence?
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Two residents of Florida have this week received significant lottery prizes after starting 2022 with big wins.

Aside from each being blessed with good luck and now having plenty of cash to spare, the winners have something else in common - they both purchased their winning tickets at Publix supermarkets in the state.

Yahudah Ysrayl, 62, claimed the $13.75 million Florida Lottery jackpot in the draw held on January 5. His ticket was bought at a Publix store in Wildwood. He took his prize in a single lump-sum payment of just over $10.4 million.

Juliana Pavon claimed a$1 million prize from the $5,000,000 LUCK Scratch-Off game, taking her prize as a lump-sum of $760k. Her ticket was bought at a Publix store in Weston.

Aside from the publicity, Publix themselves are glad of the win since it will earn them significant bonus commission of $100k for selling Mr Ysrayl his jackpot winning ticket.

Are Publix stores lucky?

The two wins are just coincidental of course, and the reason that two big prizes were paid to ticket holders who bought their tickets at Publix stores, is that many people play the lottery at supermarkets.

But Publix has had its share of big winners in the past too.

In March 2021, a ticket sold at their store in Lutz, Florida won a powerball jackpot of $238 million.

Luck and superstition play a big part in any kind of gambling, but it is possible to gather statistics regarding the stores that have sold the greatest number of winning lottery tickets.

A survey of the luckiest lottery retailers in Central Florida in 2017-18 revealed that 5 of the top 10 were Publix supermarkets.
Luckiest Lottery Retailers in Central Florida 2017-18ClickOrlando

If you're looking to increase your chances of winning a lottery prize, and are superstitious about buying from a lucky retailer then maybe you'd better head to your local Publix and pick up a ticket!

What's the biggest lottery prize you've ever won? What would you do with the money if you won a large jackpot prize? Let me know in the comments section below.

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