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A Florida Couple Kidnapped a Man and Forced Him To Drink Bleach and Confess to Cheating – Thankfully He Escaped!

Toby Hazlewood

A cruel and violent crime motivated by money

A couple from Miami were arrested on January 7 by police, for kidnapping and torturing a third man, holding him against his will for three days before he escaped.

Marie Dorsainvil, 51 and her 56-year-old husband Occius Dorsainvil are charged with kidnapping, extortion, and attempted murder after they held a man - claimed to be a friend in captivity.

The victim was lured up to the couple's apartment after Marie Dorsainvil claimed her husband wasn't home, but had instead travelled to Haiti. Once he was in the apartment, they tied him up and his torture began.

First the couple tried to pressure him to confess to having been involved in a relationship with Marie behind her husband's back. Later they tried to blackmail him, demanding a sum of $50,000 and the title to his car before they'd set him free.

Forced to drink bleach

Amongst his tortures, they forced the captive to drink bleach mixed with Haitian rum after taking him from their apartment in his car. He passed out after drinking the concoction, but later came to and managed to escape, running to freedom.

Fortunately detectives have managed to find and apprehend the Dorsainvils who remain under arrest at Miami-Dade Jail

A violent weekend in Miami

The kidnapping and torture by the Dorsainvils is one of a number of violent crimes in the Miami area.

On the evening of Sunday January 9, police were called to a shooting in Hialeah Gardens where it would seem that a man had shot his girlfriend, her son and himself. Tragically, the young woman was killed by the shots but both the man and the child were rushed to Ryder Trauma Center where both remain under care.

Hopefully this won't be a sign of things to come for Miami in 2022

Do you think such violent episodes are representative of daily life in Florida, or are these tragic events just coincidental? Do you feel safe living in Florida? Let me know in the comments section below.

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