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An 8-Year-Old Boy Fell From a 7th Floor Apartment Window in Miami – And Survived!

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A miracle, or a lucky escape?
Miami Apartment BuildingPhoto by Pontus Wellgraf on Unsplash

An 8-year-old boy is recovering in hospital after falling from a 7th-floor window in Miami on Saturday January 8 - a drop which he miraculously seems to have survived.

The boy was rushed to Ryder Trauma Center after the fall and has received CT scans revealing multiple broken bones, but early indications are that he will survive. He's now being treated in Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Perhaps most shocking is that the boy landed just inches from a large, metal fire-hydrant with sharp edges that could have injured him even further, perhaps even fatally. His father, and neighbors who were on the scene immediately after the accident are describing it as a miracle.

The boy's unlikely survival of the fall certainly seems miraculous, since humans aren't designed to bounce from great heights, unlike some species.

In May 2021, stunned onlookers at a fire in Inglewood, Illinois couldn't believe it as they witnessed a cat jumping from a 5th-floor window of a burning building. The cat landed on its feet and wandered away -perhaps with one less of its nine lives intact, but alive nonetheless!

The highest falls survived by humans

Quite surprisingly, there are some very extreme examples where humans have fallen great heights, but survived. The record is held by a Yugoslavian flight attendant Vesna Vulović who fell 33,000 feet when the airliner she was on was destroyed mid-air by a bomb. She was the lone survivor of the attack.

Other survivors of extreme falls include those who've been thrown clear of aircraft that have been shot down or destroyed mid-air, and whose falls have been broken by trees or snow when they landed on earth.
Record highest fallsStatista

British TV personality and survival specialist Bear Grylls fell 16,000 feet when his parachute failed on a military special forces jump. He didn't deploy his reserve chute and landed on his parachute pack which saved his life. He did break his back however, and it took 12-months of physical therapy for him to recover.

7 floors is better than 17 at least

The 7th-floor fall by the boy in Miami must have been extremely shocking for him, his family and their neighbors. While surviving such falls is quite rare, in 2007 a 29-year-old man, Joshua Hanson survived a fall from the 17th-floor of the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Minneapolis.

He fell after fooling around with friends, and somehow landed on his feet after crashing through a glass overhang 200-feet down. He was drunk at the time, and suffered multiple injuries, but still survived nonetheless.

Hopefully the miracle boy from Miami will recover quickly and fully.

What's the most miraculous sight you've witnessed? Let me know in the comments section below.

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