A Florida Democrat Will Accept Bitcoin Donations for His 2022 Congressional Re-Election Campaign

Toby Hazlewood

His supporters can donate in Bitcoin or Dollars


Rep. Darren Soto, the centrist-Democrat representative for Florida's 9th Congressional District is raising money for his re-election to congress - and like all politicians, is looking for donations from willing supporters. Unlike many other politicians, his donors have the opportunity to donate funds using Bitcoin if they'd rather use that over dollars, as was announced on December 23.

It is perhaps unsurprising given that Soto is co-chair of the Congressional Blockchain Caucus, but it is unusual for a Democrat to be so vocally in favor of cryptocurrency.

Soto joins pro-Bitcoin Republicans and Libertarians

A number of other politicians have allied themselves to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as a viable part of the world's monetary future, but these are typically from other ends of the political spectrum. Notable examples include Republican Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, and Senator Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming.

Miami too has strong ties with the world of Bitcoin through Mayor Francis Suarez who was recently re-elected. Mayor Suarez - a Republican - is extremely pro-Bitcoin and has introduced a number of initiatives to allow employees to be paid in Bitcoin, and for citizens to pay taxes and for city services using the cryptocurrency.

Governor DeSantis too has made a provision for the acceptance of Bitcoin for the payment of some state fees in his recent 'Freedom First' budget, announced earlier this month.

A couple of other notable pro-Bitcoin politicians exist on the political left, including Andrew Yang of New York and Matt West of Oregon. This demonstrates that the appeal of cryptocurrency as a means of protecting the structure and resilience of the global economy against inflation, spans across the political aisle.

Governor DeSantis sells merchandise to raise money

Rep. Soto seems to believe that accepting Bitcoin from donors might attract contributions from those who were otherwise unlikely to donate - they may see it as a means of promoting the cryptocurrency within the federal government where other high-profile Democrats like Senator Elizabeth Warren have been critical of it, calling for more regulation by government.

Meanwhile, it demonstrates an innovative approach to fundraising at least.

Contrast this to Governor Ron DeSantis who seems to prefer offering his own branded merchandise for sale - portraying himself as the 'Savior of Christmas' with his own stylized image adorning coffee mugs and beer koozies!

Time will tell how effective Rep. Soto's campaign is, and what the future of Bitcoin in the US is too. If he's re-elected, perhaps this will trigger more widespread acceptance of cryptocurrency within the Democrat party.

What are your views on Bitcoin? Do you own any? Would you support a politician who is pro-Bitcoin? Let me know in the comments section below.

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