Up to 50 Migrants Arrived by Boat on Florida Beach – Rushing Ashore in Broad Daylight

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Boat seized but migrants remain free

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Stunned beachgoers in Jupiter, Florida watched on Sunday December 12 as a motor boat ran up onto the beach and a stream of up to 50 migrants rushed ashore - in broad daylight. While it's nothing new for migrants to arrive in the state by boat, it's rare for them to do so in the middle of the day on a public beach.

According to Governor DeSantis, the big issue when it comes to immigrants right now is the flights that are believed to be arriving under cover of darkness, redistributing those who've been granted permission to stay in the US after crossing over the border with Mexico.

Events on the beach at Jupiter this Sunday offer a reminder that this isn't the only issue when it comes to immigration into Florida.

"Running for their lives with no direction"

According to witnesses, the boat ran up onto the beach at Jupiter before streams of migrants then leapt onto the sand and ran for their lives. According to one witness:

"I saw them running towards the beach, running towards the street, running into the bushes, literally looking like they were running for their lives with no direction,"

It must be a terrifying prospect for those arriving in hope of making a new life, and having to run for your freedom and your life from the moment your feet touch the ground. Florida and the US may not have the resources to accept limitless migrants, but it doesn't make their plight any less harsh.

Florida won't accept redistributed immigrants

The Governor spoke out earlier this month, pledging that Florida wouldn't accept immigrants, relocated by plane from the southern border. To that end, he has allocated $8 million to fund flights to transfer them on to other states such as Delaware - President Biden's home state.

At the same time, the number of immigrants trying to cross the sea from countries like Haiti is increasing radically. While many Cuban immigrants now seem to favor crossing into the US via the Mexican border, more than 1,527 Haitians were picked up by the US Coastguard in the year to September 2021, up from a previous high of 932.

It was reported that 23 of the migrants who arrived on the Jupiter beach on Sunday had been apprehended, and the boat had since been seized.

What do you think should be done about immigration into Florida? Are you supportive of how the Governor is handling the issue or do you believe in a more humane approach? Let me know in the comments section below.

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