J6 Subpoena Issued for Florida’s Leader of the Proud Boys – Judges Want To See His Communications With Donald Trump

Toby Hazlewood

Transparency requested even though he was in jail on January 6

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A federal subpoena has been issued to Florida's Enrique Tarrio - leader of the Proud Boys - in connection with his role in the J6 Insurrection.

It was issued by the House of Representatives select committee, investigating the storming of the Capitol Building, and has requested details of all communications between Tarrio, and former President Donald Trump. The Proud Boys were instrumental in the storming of the Capitol on January 6, and while Tarrio was in jail at the time (for burning a Black Lives Matter flag and possessing high-capacity firearms), his role in inciting the incident seems significant.

Suspicious of Trump's secrecy

The subpoena was one of a number issued to Trump allies, right wing television personalities and media figures, attempting to identify links between the former president and insurrectionists who overran the building. They indicate a skepticism amongst judges over Donald Trump's reasons for refusing to release details of his communications on the matter.

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On November 9, subpoenas were issued for 10 former Trump administration officials, including press secretary Kayleigh McEnany and Trump senior adviser Stephen Miller. They are being investigated for their potential role in perpetuating rumors of the 'Big Steal' of the 2020 presidential election that contributed to the January 6 unrest.

The subpoena issued to Tarrio seems to follow a similar line of enquiry - trying to establish if there were any links or lines of direct communication between Tarrio and the Proud Boys movement, and individuals within government or the military.

What have they got to hide?

With the courts making a formal legal request, the judiciary committee may yet get to the bottom of links between those in government and those who overran the Capitol, if one exists. Time will tell if Tarrio and the Proud Boys have links into those who run the country.

What do you think about Trump and others refusing to be transparent in sharing their communications with people like Tarrio? Should they release access if they have nothing to hide? Are they entitled to privacy on matters of such significance? Let me know in the comments section below.

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