Man Shot by Stray Bullet While Driving on I-75 - Florida Highway Patrol Investigating Source of the Bullet

Toby Hazlewood

What was the intended target?

Early morning on Friday November 26, a man driving on I75 near Southwest Ranches found his vehicle suddenly struck by a number of bullets - one of them penetrated the bodywork of his Toyota and ended up embedded in his lower back.

Fortunately, the driver was able to safely pull in at a nearby gas station from where he called the police. He is now in hospital being treated for his injuries. Meanwhile Florida Highway Patrol investigate the shooting and determine who was shooting their gun, and why.

In September of this year, another Florida man was hit by a stray bullet while driving on I-95 near Palm Beach by a bullet fired from a quarter mile away.

Stray bullets - a deadly problem

Deaths and injuries from guns are most commonly a consequence of them being used by criminals in violent assaults or robberies. Then there are accidents when guns go off accidentally in the hands of those who aren't skilled or safe enough to use them. But a significant number of people are also victims of shootings by stray bullets too.

A study of accidental shootings by stray bullets in the USA, carried out over a 12-month period between March 2008 and February 2009 revealed the following:

  • Over the 12-months, 317 people were hit by stray bullets
  • 258 of these were due to incidents that the victim was completely unaware of (like driving along a highway, and being struck out of the blue by a stray bullet)
  • 129 of the people hit by stray bullets were at home at the time
  • 65 of those hit by stray bullets, died from their injuries.

The number may not seem vast considering that there have been 2724 gun-related deaths in Florida in 2021 alone. But such figures demonstrate that stray bullets do represent a threat on some scale.

Investigations continue to determine the source of the bullets that hit the driver on I-75 on November 26.

Have you ever considered the threat from stray bullets given Florida's gun laws? Let me know in the comments section below.

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