Florida MMA Fighter Loses a Testicle After Training Injury – But Tries To See the Funny Side!

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UFC stars are quick to wish him well

If you've ever watched a UFC fight, you'll understand why the injuries sustained in the octagon can often be serious - but Floridian MMA fighter Christian Lohsen sustained his most recent injury during training, not in an actual fight.

On November 13 it emerged that after taking a knee-strike to the groin, Lohsen suffered a ruptured testicle and had to have it removed in surgery. He was quick to make light of the situation, posting pictures and an update on his situation on Instagram:

No lasting effects expected from the loss

In his post, Lohsen was quick to share that in spite of the painful and somewhat embarrassing injury, he wasn't expecting any lasting consequences:

"I'm fine home resting, surgery went well. Doc said I won't lose testosterone or ability to have kids from this." - Christian Lohsen

Lohsen, who currently has a professional record of 9 wins and 2 losses from 11 UFC fights, will be expecting to be back to training and fighting in the octagon before too long.

Commenting on his injury on social media, Former UFC fighter Mike Perry responded to the news:

"Oh my gosh man. Your sacrifices will be rewarded. They have to be."
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Most injuries are above the belt

Unsurprisingly, mixed martial arts (MMA) is considered the most dangerous martial art, based on the number of injuries sustained. A 2018 paper published by the Florida Sports and Family Health Center estimated that up to 286 out of 1000 participants in MMA, suffered injuries. Compared to Brazilian Ju Jitsu (9 out 1000) and wrestling (30 out of 1000) the injury rate in MMA is significantly higher.

This isn't surprising though given that the aim of MMA bouts is to knock out the opponent by any means possible. With that being the goal of the sport, the most common injuries sustained in MMA tend to be to the head and upper body, rather than below the belt - unlike that sustained by Lohsen.

A 2016 study in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science reported that over 62% of injuries reported were to the arms, neck and head with over half of these, to the arms alone. In fact, there were no reported groin injuries in their study at all!

These statistics won't be of much consolation to Christian Lohsen, but given his spirits it seems likely he'll bounce back and fighting again soon, with no lasting effects.

Do you enjoy watching MMA fighting? Are you surprised that we don't witness more injuries incurred by those participating in the sport? Let me know in the comments section below.

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