Florida Man Will Plead Guilty After Stealing Lectern From Capitol Building During January 6 Insurrection

Toby Hazlewood

He could face up to 10-years in jail

J6 Insurrectionist Adam JohnsonJohnRMoffitt on Twitter

When Adam Johnson of Southwest Florida took part in the January 6 insurrection at the Capitol in Washington DC, he must have imagined that the event would trigger outright revolution and lasting change within the USA.

The fact that he took part without hiding his face, and was brazen enough to pose while holding Speaker Nancy Pelosi's lectern (which he presumably intended to steal as a souvenir) suggest that he thought there wouldn't be any comeback. It didn't work out that way however.

He was easily identified from the extensive media footage and images captured during the assault on The Capital, and arrested on January 9, just days later. For most of the year since the insurrection, he has been in custody.

On November 10 it was announced that he has decided to take a plea deal, and could spend up to 10-years in jail in punishment for the remaining charge of entering a restricted building. A plea agreement hearing has been scheduled for November 22.

The lasting effects of the J6 Insurrection

The fate of Adam Johnson illustrates the treatment that other insurrectionists can expect to receive for their egregious assault on The Capitol.

Around the same time that Johnson was arrested, police also captured another high-profile and highly recognisable figure - the so-called Q-Shaman, a.k.a. Jacob Anthony Chansley who wore a bearskin headdress, buffalo horns and face paint.

Chansley appeared in court earlier this month, and made an appeal that his sentence for his part in the insurrection should take into account the time he has spent awaiting trial. He apparently believed that the court would be persuaded by him attempting to quote lines from the movie Forrest Gump.

Chansley pleaded guilty to the charges against him, and faces over 4 years in jail. He has appealed for freedom 5 times since admitting his crime, which he blames in part on having been brainwashed by former President Donald Trump.

Investigations advance within the GOP

Meanwhile, on November 9, subpoenas were issued for 10 former Trump administration officials, including press secretary Kayleigh McEnany and Trump senior adviser Stephen Miller. They are being investigated for their potential role in perpetuating rumours of the 'Big Steal' of the 2020 presidential election that contributed to the January 6 unrest.

Reactions on Twitter to the subpoenas were predictably skeptical.

Investigations into who was responsible and who took part in the J6 insurrection continue across the nation. The charges against Florida's Adam Johnson demonstrate that the unrest that prompted the overrunning of The Capitol runs deep throughout all states.

Do you feel that the government has been slow to dispense justice to those behind and responsible for the J6 insurrection? Do you believe such events could occur again in future? Let me know in the comments section below.

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