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Founder Florence Nacino has more than forty years of experience as a global health and beauty researcher, chemist, and regulatory specialist for leading worldwide companies. When her granddaughter was born, she saw a need for creating a holistic baby-friendly line of products. That gave birth to Earth Baby.

The company gives one percent of its profits to two charities, Preface Project Foundation, which supports childhood literacy, and Folded Flag Foundation that provides educational scholarships to U.S. Gold Star military families, those are families who’ve lost their military family member in combat operations or a result of hostile actions. Nacino chose these two foundations because of her personal connection to them. When Nacino was five-years-old she was orphaned in the Philippines. She relied heavily on books to educate herself, therefore she deeply believes in encouraging childhood literacy. Her daughter, Liza is a 20-year U.S. Air Force veteran and she wants to continue giving back to her country.

Earth Baby isn’t just offering quality solutions but genuine innovation. Nacino's team uses Oleosphere technology which is revolutionary in delivering baby creams and lotions.

"Oleosphere is a natural high-performance delivery system was found to have time-releasing ingredients, organic skin-softening oils and vitamins called Oleosomes. That means a baby receives the maximum amount of moisture, receiving ongoing hydration to their skin throughout the day,” Nacino says.

In addition to helping with the effectiveness of the products on sensitive baby skin, “Oleospheres also help to maintain the integrity of all ingredients in all our formulas. The Vitamin E in the Oleospheres protects against damaging free radicals caused by UV exposure.” Nacino explains.

Oleosphere technology is a powerful new way to deliver the numerous benefits present in Earth Baby’s formulas. From superior hydration to a long-lasting time-controlled release to a safe, less irritating, waterproof product, Earth Baby’s breakthrough technology enables the enterprise to truly combine quality with efficacy. Nacino and her team are truly on to something wonderful.

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