Book recommendation: "Sharp Leadership - Overcome Adversity To Lead With Authenticity"

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Book recommendation: "Sharp Leadership - Overcome Adversity To Lead With Authenticity"
Front cover of the book.Carl Sharperson/Carl Sharperson

I recently finished reading Carl Sharperson Jr.'s "Sharp Leadership - Overcome Adversity To Lead With Authenticity".

I found Carl's book to be an insightful and engaging read with life lessons on leading with character and not allowing adverse scenarios to hold you back.

About the author
Picture of Carl Sharperson.Carl Sharperson/Carl Sharperson

From the back cover

Carl Sharperson, Jr. takes readers on a journey of how to transition life experiences, good or bad, into leadership opportunities. He shares with transparency how racism, cancer, the United States Naval Academy, The Marine Corps, hiring and firing shaped him into the entrepreneur he is now.

About the book

A quick, insightful, and engaging read about leading with character and not allowing adverse scenarios to hold you back.

Carl relays life lessons to the reader by discussing his own experiences.
Picture of a Marine in dress uniform.Karsten Winegeart/Unsplash

These experiences many times included the challenges and successes he faced with...

  • Racism
  • Sports
  • US Naval Academy
  • Leadership
  • Corporate America
  • Balance
  • Job loss
  • Health issues
  • Becoming an entrepreneur

Memorable quotes
Marine Corps symbol.Levi Meir Clancy/Unsplash

Quotes from the book that resonated with me...

  • "It's not what you call me, it's what I answer to that's important."
  • "Most people don't reveal who they really are because they are guarded."
  • "We learned very quickly that we were to help and take care of each other, support one another, and we were to never bilge a classmate, which means don't throw a classmate under the bus."
  • "We win as a team and we lose as a team."
  • "No matter how smart a person is there is going to be a question or two that he will not have an answer to. When that occurs, the proper response is not to make a bunch of excuses or try to BS through the situation."
  • "Telling the truth is the most important thing. It doesn't take a lot to be different. Telling the truth sounds simple, but it's really not."
  • "He wasn't in the military himself, but respected us because he liked the discipline and our ability to work with other people.

Thank you for your book, your insights, and your service to our country Carl Sharperson Jr.

Please note: this is not a paid review nor a paid endorsement.

Sharp Leadership - Overcome Adversity To Lead With Authenticity details...

  • Publisher: Sharperson's Executive Leadership (July 11, 2018)
  • Paperback: 104 pages
  • ISBN-10: 0999202367
  • ISBN-13: 978-0999202364

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