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The "Patient And The Weather" website
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I recently met Albert Peterlin, President of ERREX, Inc, on a networking site.

I noticed and followed his unique weather report posts in a Chronic Pain Management Support group...
Albert Peterlin's post on LinkedIn

Albert's website, The Patient And The Weather states its purpose as helping you monitor and understand how and when weather impacts your health, your mood, and your well-being.
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For example, here is the "Current Vitality Index" on the website for April 24th, 2021...
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About The Forecast

Albert's blog on the site describes the methodology behind the forecast...

Taking in several of the most potent weather variables and with some known triggers considered by humans, we’ve prepared an algorithm codifying the potential for weather triggering a health concern, such as arthritis pain, other pains even muscle tightness, mood, headache, and migraine. We’ve broken the scale into 8 color-coded levels of risk-based upon what our data shows.

Scale Image is the property of The Patient and The Weather ™ – © 2021, ERREx, Inc.

Where we can anticipate little or no known weather-health risk, we code white of no color at all. On the darkened geographic map is shown through as earth tone.

We should the mildest risk as Green or blue. While seemingly minimal, there are some individuals with a deep sensitivity to types of weather. Interestingly, sensitivity levels can change with age or even day to day. Our program allows the individual to track their symptoms on a day-by-day basis and to learn at what level of risk they should be aware. After a few weeks of review, the individual will have a better understanding of what risk levels mean the most to them.

Moderate risk is where we place a bit more interest and we color it either yellow or Orange as the risk levels increases. We are more descriptive as risk becomes more intense. Red is the first level of elevated risk. The intensity rises into a more vibrant brightness before shadowing almost into a purple at the most intense level.

The Weather And Having Lupus

Of course, as someone with Lupus and Osteo-arthritis, I'm a huge believer in the impact that the weather has on my illness.
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Historically, I flare almost every Spring and Fall when temperature shifts are drastic in the Southern United States where I live.

In the summers, my knees scream pain all day and night when massive thunderstorm systems approach.

In the winter, my Raynaud's flares and joints stiffen and ache in extremely cold temperatures.

Very cold and damp times exacerbate all my joint and muscle issues.

And of course all these factor together in my moods during those times.

About This Article

Please note this is not a paid endorsement.

Albert simply asked me if I knew of others who might be interested in his work and the website, and if so could I put the word out. I follow his website forecasts daily so I was happy to oblige.

About The Author

I have the deadly disease known as Lupus. The version of Lupus I have is the most common, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE). True to its name, SLE is a systemic condition throughout the body. In addition, I have Lupus Anti-Coagulant and Lupus Anti-Phospholipid which causes my Lupus to impact my blood.

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So What Exactly Is Lupus?

In short and perhaps unscientific terms, SLE is my own immune system betraying me and deciding to wage war upon various systems in my body. My immune system incorrectly targets these systems as enemies and marks them as invaders. Then it targets my cells, tissues, and organs in those systems for destruction. This destruction begins with the inflammation and its other biochemical weapons and agents to kill cells and shut down organs. My Lupus likes to focus on vanquishing its own perceived axis of evil in the form of my circulatory, nervous, digestive, and musculoskeletal systems.

The Wolf Within Me

Lupus is currently not curable. My Rheumatologist uses the analogy that my immune system is a wild animal that we attempt to keep caged in remission with powerful and yet toxic medications. So of course given its “Lupus”, I associate a wolf as the wild animal within me. Frequently the caged wolf is still able to take a swipe at me from within the bars of a cage. And many times the wolf breaks free to wreak havoc on me until medications are increased or added to suppress it again. These events occur despite me taking all my medications daily as instructed. My wolf has its own plans for me it seems. And surprisingly enough, those plans may include me becoming a better person.

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My primary mission is to spread awareness about the disease Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) and many of its comorbidities. Given most physical activities cause me pain nowadays, I've taken on writing as a new hobby, form of therapy, and method to interact with others. You will find I also experiment with articles related to business and careers.

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