I Resigned From A Company I Once Envisioned Retiring At

TJ Wolf

On this day years ago I resigned from a company I once envisioned retiring at.


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Things had changed so drastically within a couple years, I was frustrated and disappointed with what I saw.

Company with 150 employees went from flat hierarchy with 1 Vice President to about 25+ Vice Presidents in a year. 95% were new hires who did not know the product nor the business.

I had a new micromanaging supervisor who contributed little beyond attending meetings, pushing emails, and demanding hourly software development status updates. (Think about the stupidity of that, by the time you got up to go to a meeting room, give your report, listen to others, you were back at your desk with maybe 35-40 minutes until the next one).

Colleagues (friendly) forwarded me an email that demonstrated one of the original founders cowering in front of the newly appointed CEO and throwing me under the bus.

Once aligned, driven, and motivated teams were blame throwing and back stabbing in an effort to climb the perceived corporate ladder and hide from a leader who seemed to relish having throats to choke.

On a flight to a company offsite session, I suffered a mini-stroke. My supervisor (4th in 2 years) never asked what happened and said I should try to make the trip anyway.

If anything, I waited too long.

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