You Are Never Gonna Change Anything Until You Get Pissed

TJ Gallagher

And take life altering action to stop the cycle
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If you don’t like how things are, change it! You’re not a tree. – Jim Rohn

It’s the beginning of another year and everyone is running around making resolutions and promising to change. This happens every January like clockwork.

All of us have good intentions to keep our resolutions and make changes to our lives but what happens?

After a couple of days of keeping your promise to yourself you break it for a number of reasons. The thing you wanted to change is too hard, you make the wrong resolution, you get overzealous hearing others talk about it and aren’t mentally prepared to see the resolution through.

Don’t worry you are not alone in this as many people fall victim to declaring a resolution only to have it fail a few days after New Year’s.

So why does this happen?

Going Through The Motions

Everyone wants to change at least one thing in their lives. Whether that be a new job, how they save and spend money, their weight, their relationship and many other items.

So if they want to change something why don’t they just go ahead and change it?

People are resistant to change and it causes some upheaval in their daily lives. They would rather go through life saying they want to change but never pull the trigger.

I see many people in this boat and all they do is talk and talk thinking one day the change will magically happen. But it never does and they are stuck wondering why.

Every day is like Groundhog’s Day where they wake up and go through the motions without changing anything.

Too Much Trouble

Most of us including myself get complacent in life and think making a change will be too much trouble. We don’t want to rock the boat even if it means putting up with or adjusting to some not so ideal circumstances.

We would rather suffer and deal with a job or a boss we don’t like, continue in an unhappy marriage, keep negative people in our lives, and the list goes on and on.

Is it too much trouble to put yourself in a better position? Is it worth gaining back your confidence and putting you in control of your happiness?

Beyond The Point of No Return

“I’ve had all I can stand, I can’t stands no more.” Popeye

Popeye used to say that quote right after some bad happened and he couldn’t take it anymore. He whipped out a can of spinach, opens the can and downs it in one gulp. The muscles in his arm flex and grow big and he kicks ass.

Dr. Karl Albrecht calls the tipping point he reached “the Popeye point”. This is a self-assertion that things are going to change starting now. Popeye reached this decision only when he hit his breaking point and couldn’t stand what was happening a second longer.

This point happens to all of us and we have a decision to make when it does, either change the behavior or live with it. Now this will depend on the individual and how far they want to keep being pushed.

Something Snaps Inside of You

When you have been tolerating behavior or circumstances and one day say to yourself, ‘ I’ve had enough’ and put an end to the misery you will have changed forever. You signal to the world you will not be treated this way ever again.

Your body’s makeup changes and something inside of you just snaps and you morph into a more confident, self-assured being.

There have been a few times in my life that I was in situations that I was unhappy about and only changed them after I have had enough. The last time this happened to me was when I worked at a job in Atlanta and wanted to transfer to another department. I was more than qualified and had even worked in the department learning how they operate.

But when an opening for the department presented itself I applied for it and was denied. The position went to a coworker who was a favorite of the hiring manager. I was livid and decided at that moment I can no longer work for this gentleman. I began an aggressive job search knowing that I would not be stopped in my endeavor.

Anger Is Not Violence

Most people believe anger leads to violence and that this is a negative emotion. They fear people who show anger and label them as irrational or unstable.

But anger can inspire action, initiate change, and propels people to do something. Some of the greatest moments in history were inspired by anger including Martin Luther King’s non-violent charge against racism in America and helped achieved civil rights for all.

King had enough of what was going on in our country and led a historic peaceful march through the streets of Selma, Alabama. This is the perfect example of how anger didn’t lead to violence on his behalf but moved him to take action.

Anger is a powerful emotion that can used to motivate anybody to change their current situation. Use it as a positive force to change something you don’t like in your life.

The only way to make change to your life and stick with it is to get pissed and move yourself to never have to take anyone’s crap, be in a toxic relationship with another, tolerate a boss who berates and doesn’t promote you, be sexually harassed by the creepy guy in your office.

So go ahead and get mad and let the emotion catapult you into becoming a different, stronger person.

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