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New Orleans famous Hubig's Pies finally on track for a return

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Yes, it's really true!! Almost 10 years after a devastating fire destroyed the company’s facility, Hubig's Pies are finally on track to make their triumphant return to New Orleans. Prior to the fire, Hubig's Pie had been a part of New Orleans since 1921. But on July 27th, 2012, Hubig's facility on Dauphine Street was engulfed by a five-alarm fire and the building was a total loss. Over the years, there were several attempts to resume production on the pies. The city even approved the company's plans to build a factory in a new location, but those efforts stalled before any construction work had started.
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In July 2019, it was officially announced that Hubig's secured a new production facility in Jefferson Parish but there have been several, unexpected delays that occurred since that announcement including being able to timely order and have supplies and equipment delivered due the pandemic. Hubig's owner Drew Ramsey would not give a specific date for their return to production, but Ramsey and his staff, which include some former employees of Hubig's are gearing up for the return. Suppliers for the pie's ingredients and distribution routes have been re-established. Ramsey said, "We’re going produce a product that people recognize and remember and enjoy, and we’re closer to that than we’ve ever been." Assuring Hubig's fans that the recipe will be the same one they grew up with. "We haven’t changed a grain of salt or a scoop of sugar in what we do, but we had been off the market long enough that we had to go through the whole approval process again.”

The machines that shape and fry the pies as well as a giant cooling rack that can handle approximately 7,500 pies at a time are in place. The company has finally completed the lengthy approval needed from the FDA for its labels, so it looks like everything is finally falling into place.

The day when those pies are back in production and back on shelves is a day I know that New Orleanians is looking forward to. The day when Hubig's pies are a daily part of their lives again.


Hubig's owner Andrew Ramsey has announced that pies will be hitting shelves in local stores starting tomorrow, Monday, November 7th.

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